Kids of Steel

Saturday was the local Kids of Steel Triathlon and the boys participated. The event was not timed, and the race course was as follows (if I recall correctly!):

Born 2003/04
Swim: 50m
Bike: 1 km
Run: 500m

Born 2005/06
Swim: 25m
Bike: 250m
Run: 100m

The bike/run distances might have been even shorter, but the boys had a lot of fun in the short time we were there! If you don't believe me, have a look at this face:

So, the boys beat me in the race to who can do the first Triathlon, but I'm still holding out to complete one by the end of the year (even though you'd never know it from my lack of training). There are still two events that I could squeeze into the family schedule that is otherwise jam packed with other weekend activities right through to the end of September.

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Ian - TKOS said... 12:44 PM, June 28, 2010  

I don't know how well Jack did in the rest of the event, but he was going for broke on the bike while I saw him. Blew by a bunch of other young boys and left them behind. And only a slight bit of confusion at the finish line for the run. Then he dutifully stood next to his bike and said "My dad said to wait by my bike until he comes to get me". Good stuff.

themikestand said... 12:55 PM, June 28, 2010  

Well, it's good to know that he was following orders! I would have liked to see him run, but he probably had more fun without me hovering over him. I am still on the CTFO* learning curve when it comes to motivating my kids.

* Chill The F*** Out.

Megan said... 4:14 PM, June 28, 2010  

Oh so cute! Run little blond Canadian, run!

Lauren H said... 5:52 PM, June 28, 2010  

i love that last shot, and i'm so impressed that they've already completed their first triathlons!

sarah doow said... 1:31 PM, June 29, 2010  

The joy on their faces sort of makes me want to try this. Only I'd have to run and cycle first and do the swim last, seeing as I, err, can't swim - and I hear drowning ruins your overall score.

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