The inevitable return to daddyblogging

When I started this blog some five years ago, I was a new parent, eager and (let's face it) terrified of the journey that The Lovely Wife and I had started on. I would post about the everyday mundane activities that go with child rearing, usually trying to find some humourous insight into the adventures.  Then came Kid Number Two, and it became an adventure in juggling children and dealing with all those things that come with the terrible twos in addition to having a newborn. FUN.

Since then, my blogging (when it happens) has strayed to other ventures -- politics, music, general silliness -- in addition to the random parent-based witticisms.

Now the third has come along, and I'm sure I will have new fodder for blogging and stories to regale you all with, but at the moment, I'm not sure just where these adventures are going to take me. So far, everything has been both predictable and not too hard to handle [looking for something made of wood to knock upon]. She's sleeping reasonably well [knock, knock], the feeding is going very well, and honestly it feels like we always had room for the third kid.

But there's one thing I've perhaps forgotten:  She's a girl.

I'm going to have to be a new kind of Daddy. And I don't know how I'm going to handle that. for starters, there are all these PINK THINGS around the house these days. Sure, they're small and frilly and adorable, but they seem so foreign to me. The only experience I have with clean and tidy clothes, or anything remotely girl-ish, is with my niece, and I can't say I've ever had to pick out her clothes. Does this mean the end of T-shirts with dinosaurs, monster trucks, and Hot Wheels decals on them? No more buying of horrible sweat pants? Will I have to learn to braid hair? Throw an impromptu tea party? And what the hell are Polly Pockets?? I guess only time will tell what kind of kid she will grow up to be (her mother will admit to being raised as a big ol' tomboy).  But one thing's for sure. She won't be the only one on that journey.

Stay tuned, loyal reader(s).

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Wilma said... 12:20 PM, May 11, 2010  

Oh enjoy :) They are special little people. Oh and if I forgot to mention, open a new savings account called "Daddy I need....."

bethany actually said... 12:43 PM, May 11, 2010  

The beauty of being a girl is that we're allowed to like dinos and trucks AND fairies and ballerinas. Annalie is a girly-girl---she dresses up in frilly skirts and wears jewelry and play make-up---but she has no patience for having her hair done or barrettes, and she loves dinosaurs and sharks and anything to do with space or ancient Egypt.

I'd guess with two older brothers, she'll be into some of the same stuff her big brothers are. At least until she decides she is a GIRL and wants to be completely different from them. :-)

I hope Stella continues sleeping well and eating well for you!

sarah doow said... 12:45 PM, May 11, 2010  

Perhaps you should start some stretching exercises now, so you don't creak too much when she wraps you around her little finger ;-)

Bicycle Boy said... 12:50 PM, May 11, 2010  

I can identify with you, truly. I went from being a bachelor with a bike repair stand in the living room (that poor carpet!) to bonus-Dad of two young girls in what seemed to be a matter of minutes, it happened so fast.

I promise you can come to me with questions, but be prepared for answers like, "Beats me, man, women are just weird." :-)

And yeah, girls can be Tomboys. P is quite comfortable swinging a hammer (another issue altogether) while wearing a princess dress and tiara. Good times.

Lesley said... 6:44 PM, May 11, 2010  

Impromptu tea parties complete with tiaras and feather boas. And perhaps a dino or two in attendance.

You're going to be good at this. I promise.

Cindy said... 7:44 PM, May 11, 2010  

We went from having 2 boys before the girl addition came along.. and she is an entirely different breed. She's beautiful, funny, sweet, yet full of attitude. She loves dresses and frilly girl things, but doesn't think twice about diving into the dirt while wearing them.
Having two older brothers has already taught her how to stand up for herself, fight back, and shake it off when she gets hurt.(And she's only 4!) She may look like a little princess, but she's a tough little thing. And I am SO happy that we were blessed with her. You'll love raising a girl, Mike.. Promise. =)

Steph said... 8:34 AM, May 12, 2010  

I think you will be equally comfortable teaching her about bikes as you will be wearing a hat to her garden tea parties. Just as I'm already excited to introduce the mogrunt to knitting and star wars.

Anonymous said... 9:39 AM, May 12, 2010  

So glad that your experiencing a good start with Miss Stella. I enjoyed the family shots you took with the three kids. Stella is a lucky gal to have two big brothers. I agree with you, Mike about the boy sweat pants, what's the deal with that? I think you will find dressing Stella a little more interesting and of course pinker. Enjoy.

Margaret said... 9:40 AM, May 12, 2010  

The last post was me.

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