One down

So, two nights ago this happened.

It was a long time coming, actually. Over two years ago he took a header over a truck he was pushing along the floor at playgroup when the truck hit a mat and he learned all about momentum and inertia. And his mom, I understand, learned all about screaming kids and blood and teeth going through upper lips. At any rate, we expected this a long time ago, but it finally started wiggling out at its proper time, and so it was with excitement that he stood in the mirror, toilet paper in hand (it improves the grip, you know), and we heard the "thok!" sound that would produce his first lost tooth.

His brother claims to have seen the Tooth Fairy that left the $2 coin, describing her only as "wearing a purple dress, a crown, and carrying a big tin of money". Alas, I could neither locate this person nor her booty. But rest assured, I will sleep with one eye open next time someone loses a tooth around here.

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meegiemoo said... 4:19 PM, April 20, 2010  

Big tin of money! You need to kidnap that fairy and take her to the provincial treasury! It's your duty.

Steph said... 10:28 PM, April 28, 2010  

After you shake down the Tooth Fairy, can you send her my way? I've got a bone to pick with her about late payment on my wisdom teeth.

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