Earth Day 2010

(Note: while most of this was written on Earth Day, I got a little distracted and had to finish it the following week.)

I don't know how many Earth Days I have blogged about/on in the five years and change that this blog has been around, but today I started it out right: on my bike. On the fixie*, actually. Now I can say I've managed to ride each and every one of my (too many) bikes to work, which is a good thing. Wouldn't want all those bikes sitting around getting dusty in the garage now, would we?

I won't get all preachy about commuting by car, or single-passenger vehicles, or anything like that. People obviously have different reasons for driving into an over-crowded, expensive-to-park-in city all by their lonesome: maybe they come from REALLY far away, or maybe they don't usually drive but had to today, or heck, maybe it just doesn't bother them one little bit. But today's commute was a great way to wake up the brain and the body before sitting in cubicle-ville.

At lunch, I participated in an Earth Day ride hosted by the Halifax Cycling Coalition. I wasn't sure how many people I would run into that I actually knew, seeing as how I'm not part of the "urban" cycling community (and the suburban cycling community is mostly 13 year old boys on bikes with ridiculous suspension units). Turns out that I knew very few people, and that I was a little self conscious out there. Not because I don't know how to ride on the city streets, but because I know that people look at cyclists riding together as something of a rogue group of "citizens" (Okay, fine. They see us as dirty hippies). I feel more a part of the global movement of two-wheeled, self-propelled folks than I do part of the local scene. Maybe it's all the suburban living, and the weekend warrior nature of those long road rides with my little group of friends.

That day, after work, I enjoyed my commute back home and, while it was pretty tough on the legs going up the hill to get home, but the sense of accomplishment was as pervasive as the pain my quads. All in all, it was great.

So, having gone through my first public group-ride, I've decided that though I want to be part of the cycling scene, I want it for me, not to be some kind of public spectacle akin to a revolutionary or rabble rouser with a cause. I'd like to be the one that people point to from their cars or from the sidewalks and say, "Look at that guy. He's totally content on two wheels and not causing a fuss. We should all be like that." And to that I say, "Indeed. We should."

Happy Earth Day

*The pictures in that link are not what the fixie currently looks like, as it undergoes constant change, upgrades, toubleshooting, and general messing around with. Tat's just part of the fun.

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