I'm 37. I'm not old.

Just call me Dennis.

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Megan said... 11:02 AM, March 14, 2010  

Haha. Happy birthday!

I remember for an English class essay in High School I wrote a paper entitled "Help help I'm being repressed" (taken exactly from monty python) about how the Canterbury tales were not a true reflection of the life of the lower classes at the time, etc. My teacher was not pleased.

Kimberly said... 12:07 PM, March 14, 2010  

Classic. Have a happy birthday. Makes me feel young. ;-)

bethany actually said... 12:22 PM, March 14, 2010  

I was just thinking of you yesterday and wondering when exactly your birthday was. I know it's right after mine but I have a mental block against the date. :-) Happy 37th! May the year bring you joy and wisdom.

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