7 Days - Spring 2010

The Lovely Wife is incredulous whenever I announce to her that the 7 Days (of Self Portraits) is about to start again. Honestly, it's a week every three months, so when the last one was at Christmas, naturally the next one will be in early Spring!

And so it was!

Here's what you missed, if you weren't paying attention. (Click here for my set. Click here for EVERYONE'S awesome pictures)

7Days - Day 1: Hikers
So glad to be back doing 7 Days!

We've been having some unseasonably nice weather around here, so today started off with a hike through Hemlock Ravine.

iPhone timer set by me with The Lovely Wife as stand-in tripod.

(This is the same ravine where I took these pictures. Oh, and this one too!)

7Days - Day 2: More shabby, less chic
The pace of life in the last six months (along with the winter season) has meant that my attire outside of work is basically pajama pants or workout wear and a hoodie or some other type of comfortable sweatshirt. I'm hard pressed to find any style on the weekends when the first thing required of me on is to jam my head into a hockey helmet and take the ice with my kids.

And so I find myself on Sundays wearing the same thing I put on when I came home from work on Friday night (though I should clarify I wasn't wearing it the entire weekend!), unshaven and with hair that looks like a bad salad.

Don't tell me busy parents have no style.

I'm reminded of a scene in a TV show (name redacted for personal shame reasons) where the father drops off the kid at school still wearing his house slippers. He's dubbed Slipper-Dad by the kid's schoolmates. It's become a common benchmark around here, though I stress I have gone no further than the end of the driveway while still wearing my house slippers. Not that I haven't been tempted.

Incidentally, this is the same sweatshirt that appeared in this picture from 7 Days: Spring 2007. I think it's worn pretty well :-)

7Days - Day 3: Quiet time
My only two mind-numbing pursuits at home these days are researching the building of fixed gear bicycles (pictures are coming, Barry, I swear) and reading this book, Nikolski, which won the Governor General's award, and has just been chosen as the Canada Reads novel of 2010 (which essentially gives it a little more exposure than just sitting on the shelves, waiting to be read "because it's Canadian and we should read Canadian literature, dammit!").

7Days - Day 4: Stand on gods
It was a rainy day in Halifax....

No, wait. Well, it was, but that's not entirely why I took this opportunity to engage my captive audience in some 7 Days action. And so here you have a pretty good rendition of the Canadian National Anthem by Jack, age 6, with some mugging in the background by Oliver, 4.

7Days - Day 5: Dinner routines
As with other busy households, I'm sure, dinner is a bit of a balancing act. This "taco" dinner turned out with help enlisted from the boys, but once the beef was prepped and the cheese grated, they were pretty much out of things to do that interested them. So as I finished things up (behind me are brown beans, refried beans, and the aforementioned beef, and to my right are the rest of the cold-fixins for the meal), Jack read his daily "readers" to his brother.

This is one time when I can say that the peaceful look was not misleading. They didn't even know I was going to take the picture until they sensed the flash.

7Days - Day 6: The Fixie Project
Well, it's finally done. Since last summer, and over the winter I've been dealing with bicycle withdrawal, and have been thinking about building a fixed-gear bike. For those unacquainted, a "fixie" has one gear and does not coast. That means you can pedal forwards or backwards and the wheel will move in the direction you pedal.

This was the My First Fixie project.

I wasn't looking to do anything expensive or particularly involved. I just wanted to see what it would be like to build one. The early 1970s Torpado that was supposed to be the target of the MFF project was just too pretty to hack up and toss parts away, so I waited for another option and just cleaned it up.

Eventually an old beat up Nishiki chromoly frame turned up and my friend and I built it from spare parts he had laying around, and a few new bits and pieces to complete it.

While it's probably not in its final form, it's perfectly functional and more important than anything, it's super fun to ride.

(And in case anyone is wondering, I actually am balancing in this shot, though it didn't last long. I'm working on that.)

7Days - Day 7: A Final Toast
Another 7 Days has come to an end (excepting all the comment love I have yet to give, which appears to be a lot), so I raise my glass to all of you, my friends, for coming out time and again, and to the new ones I've met this time around.

It doesn't matter what kind of mood I'm in, or if I'm "ready " for 7 Days when it comes around; by the end, I'm always happy I've taken part again.

...So I'll raise the glass. Not the first or last.
Come join me in this toast.

Because the old black rum's got a hold of me.
Like a dog wrapped round my leg.
And the old black rum's got a hold of me.
Well I live for another day, Hey.
Well I'll live for another day.

- Great Big Sea, The Old Black Rum

(Note: the contents of this glass is indeed not black rum, but some particularly nice Macallan 12 Sherry Cask scotch whisky)

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