Communication Breakdown

So, a lot of things have been going on in the real world that haven't made it to the old blog. Did you know there was an earthquake in Haiti? You wouldn't have learned it from me. How about the Olympics? We Canadians have won a few medals (putting us squarely in the "also ran" category), you know. Did you know that Jake has to choose between Vienna and Tenley? Really, I shouldn't have just admitted that I do know that, because if you're a self respecting television viewer, you either don't have any idea which television program I'm talking about, or you're too cool to admit it.

Yes, this is all old news. And while I may talk about it in my face-to-face, everyday, ordinary, workaday life, I haven't been covering it in black and white lately. And I don't know why. Possibly it's all this microblogging (micro = smaller, better, faster, right?), or maybe I just haven't felt like the internet needed to hear my stance on things. Whatever it is, the message I'm trying to get across is that I need to work on my outside voice, or at least the one that shows up here.

I used to follow all kinds of bloggers: mommybloggers, food bloggers, funny bloggers (think XKCD and Basic Instructions), and general life bloggers. Lately my tastes have turned to quick-hits of the blog world. Photobloggers, bike bloggers, running bloggers... just the kinds of posts that don't take long to read and don't require me to invest a whole bunch of time to keep up with. I do, however, continue to read a certain blogger out there who posts short, yet poignant tales of her life as a teacher on the eastern seaboard and mom of mostly grown children. Her short stories of her own childhood, her childrens' childhood, and thoughts on the world are perfect bite-sized snippets, and when I see that I am fifteen or twenty posts behind, I'm not the slightest bit afraid that I'm too far behind in her history to catch up.

Who do YOU read? What do you like to read about? Do you go out for lengthy, well-spun stories, or does the succinctly told story get your attention? Inquiring bloggers want to know. Leave your favourite reads in the comments.

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Ian Loughead said... 11:29 AM, February 23, 2010  

I am finally getting into the world of RSS feeds and actually following blogs on a regular bases. Other than this blog, I also follow Lifehacker, The Turn Around (TriNS's blog) and kevin Rose. I must admit to being better at following Facebook and Twitter feeds though. Thankfully my Google Homepage is awash in the blogs I have taken an interest in.

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