2010 - New Year, New Challenges

Two thousand and ten (or ten-past-eight*) is well and truly upon us all, and even though winter has us gripped tightly at the moment, I'm thinking of the non-snowy-seasons and what I can get done on the road and trail**. Last year had me in so many sign-up events I can almost not keep track:

January - April = Training!
-Bluenose Half Marathon
-Cabot Trail Relay Race (Leg 13, 15.7km)
-nothing of note
-150km MS Bike Tour
-Greenwood Duathlon (3.5km/20km/5km)
-Middleton Centennial Ride (100km)
-Rum Runners (Leg 5, 10.7km)
-Valley Harvest Half Marathon
-Riverport Duathlon
-Nike Human Race 10k
-Team Diabetes Run 5k
-- nothing of note

This year I'm juggling the options for events to take part in, and, now that I've been learning to swim, I'm thinking about my first Triathlon. I would definitely like to do a Sprint Tri (750m in the pool) if I can, but that is going to take some more training. Otherwise, maybe complete one or two half marathons and some other running and biking events.

2010 Possibilities
Bluenose Half Marathon (May)
Cabot Trail Relay Race (confirmed, Leg 2) - May
Shearwater Triathlon / Duathlon (June)
Cyclesmith Duathlon (June)
Shubie Triathlon
Heartland Ride (July)
MS Bike Tour (July)
Riverport Duathlon (October)
Rum Runners (hopefully) (October)

Whether I take part in even half of these is still up in the air.... this will give me something to look back on, though!

* I totally borrowed that from something I saw on Twitter.

**Those of you who have read this here blog for a while might have wondered what happend to the story telling, snarky dad who used to write here all the time. Why has he turned into some run-blogger photo-blogger non-blogger all of a sudden?  Sadly, I have asked myself that very same question on a number of occasions and, while I still have the urge to do more creative writing, I haven't had the proper inspiration to do much more than throw a picture or a race recap your way for a while.

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sarah doow said... 6:33 PM, January 22, 2010  

My head doesn't understand all this running. It started reading the list and wondered to itself: couldn't you just drive?

lauren_hewings said... 5:33 PM, January 24, 2010  

hmm, i think i need to step it up a gear after reading this. currently my entire year's plan reads 'nothing of note'...

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