Movember 2009 - Days 26, 29, and 30

Day 26 - In anticipation of the Gala Parté, I shaved off the soul patch for a more business-man look (also does well for my pervert quotient).
Movember 2009 Day 26

Day 29
Movember 2009 - Day 29

And this is why I never smile in my photos... because the 'stache all but disappears when I do!
Movember 2009 - Day 29 smiley

Day 30, and the stache removal
Movember 2009 - Day 30 and the Shave Off
Let it be recorded that on Day 30 I did have a Mo, although with a relatively important meeting today, I thought I would commemorate the Mo and then be done with it. You probably heard the applause from my wife.

Of course, now my upper lip looks like it's missing something. Only a few months until Movember 2010!

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bethany actually said... 12:25 PM, December 01, 2009  

What IS it about mustaches that makes them look so pervy!? It's a mystery.

You look very nice when you smile, though, disappearing 'stache or no.

sarah doow said... 6:16 PM, December 03, 2009  

The guy on the left is mesmerising. I think that must explain how he sells so many cars each month.

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