7days: Day 1 - Sledding

7days: Day 1 - Sledding
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Yay! 7 Days is back!!


Since the iPhone is the newest member of the family at casa del Mikestand (and dare I say the best behaved so far), I let it make the first contribution to the Winter 2009 session of 7Days.

Winter has arrived a little early in Nova Scotia, making me feel like I"m back home on the prairies somewhat. Today's weather was a chilly -10 with wind chill making it feel like -25 at times. Regardless, the kids were fearless and took to the sleds in a nearby schoolyard. I should also mention that they were also fearless when it came to plowing directly over curbs, jumps, and at one point, into a rosebush infested chain link fence (again, I expect child protective services to be ringing my phone any day now).

Hope everyone on the north side of the equator is having a good winter so far!

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