Rum Runners Update

The results are in -- I placed 14th in my leg (out of 58), with an average of 7:30/mile or 4:39/km, completing 10.7km in 49:50. The team,, came in 44th with an average pace of 8:48/mile, or 5:28/km.

I got off to a slow uphill start, and took a while to get going and get my lungs to wake up, but leap-frogged my way through the pack to get to where I believed was about the middle.

Another hockey dad, Nathan, and I started out together, but he quickly had to stop to take care of a shoelace, so I lost him for a while. If you clicked on that results link, you'll see that he finished 8 seconds behind me, claiming afterwards that he couldn't catch me on the final hill. I'm telling myself this is the truth. Really I'm amazed that a guy can stop and tie his shoe and still catch up to someone who was probably two minutes ahead. I also knew at least one other person in the race from Halifax Ultimate; someone I passed about halfway through the race. Obviously it takes me a few minutes (or kilometres) to get going.

My Half marathon training plan had me doing 18km on the weekend of this run, but I decided that to commit to that would mean that I wouldn't run as hard in my leg of the race (in terms of my team, I think I had the highest placing in my leg, though I don't think I had the fastest pace time).

I hope that I can stay on this team, or at least be first alternate for next year's. While I did not get to hang around for the whole day to cheer people on, I did enjoy the cameraderie for the time I was there.

And thanks to Steve for getting the picture of me. Not my most glamourous, but hey, it gets the message across.

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bethany actually said... 5:45 PM, October 01, 2009  

Ah, but it's not glamorous you want when it comes to's rugged.

Brianna said... 11:07 AM, October 02, 2009  

Great job! I'm constantly impressed with how *FAST* you've gotten!

Lauren Hewings said... 1:35 PM, October 02, 2009  

i like the picture. i can't believe your pace, you're so fast!

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