Rum Runners Relay

I have managed to get myself onto a team running the Rum Runners Relay this coming weekend. It is a 109km, 10-leg journey from Halifax to Lunenburg, and the event is named in honour of the rum running trade which got its start with the Prohibition Act of 1910. Nova Scotia's complicated and inlet-rich south shore is apparently well suited to sneaking around and smuggling in alcoholic goodness. Somehow, for a group of runners in 1985, running along the shoreline roads got incorporated into the mix and they're still running it every fall.

I have had friends and family run in this relay for years, and as that fits well with my "sign up for anything and everything" year that I seem to be ploughing through, I put my name out there for anyone who said they were on a team and may need a substitute runner.

My Leg
Leg 6 - Hubbards to East River (10.7km) - map at left, or here.

This leg runs from the Hubbards Yacht Club, no stranger to yours truly as we have been sailing out of that very channel for near a decade now (The in-laws, owners of that expensive and energy-intensive boat have been sailing much longer.)

This leg is about average length, from what I can tell, but it shorter than my leg in the Cabot Trail Relay Race (15km). However, this Sunday, I am supposed to be running 18km, according to my Half Marathon Training Schedule, so I may have to throw in some extra miles once I finish and not run on Sunday at all. Sadly, no ipods or mp3 players allowed on the course (it's on a secondary highway with little to no traffic control, so I can't blame them for instituting that rule).

Then, next weekend, I'm signed up to do the Riverport Duathlon (4km run, 28km bike, 4km run), and the weekend after is the Valley Harvest (Half) Marathon. After all those are done, I'm semi-committed to doing the Nike 10k Human Race. October is a busy month.

I think I shall rest a little after that.

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The Ninja Knitter said... 11:22 PM, September 24, 2009  

Rest is good. Motion is good. Just ask the laws of physics.

Best of luck - you'll do great.

Lauren Hewings said... 1:15 PM, September 25, 2009  

woah. that's quite a schedule! good luck with it all, its sounds like lots of fun... said... 5:20 PM, September 25, 2009  

Good luck, Mike! I'm impressed with your perseverance.

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