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I take a nontrivial amount of ribbing from The Lovely Wife about my 'baggage' (note: this neither refers to my ass or my previous relationships) --the amount of CRAP I carry around with me on any given day. Cell phone, ipod, wallet, book, keys, work ID... all of it miraculously finds itself strewn about the house in any number of nooks and crannies, and without fail, it will nearly make me late for the bus every. single. day.

So naturally, I continue to seek out more gadgets. This time, it's the Nike+, that little sensor you stick in your shoe that talks to your ipod while you run*. Apparently it talks to you as well through your earphones if you have them on, but I wouldn't know about that since my first night with it did not involve earphones (it did involve a running partner, which is why I wasn't Mr. Rudeyrude and running with earphones).

The idea, if you don't know about this yet (it's been out since 2006, I've since learned, so I have no idea why I just got one now!), is that you plug this thingamabob into your ipod and you slide this chip into your shoe and while you're running, the chip talks to your ipod and your ipod talks to you, letting you know how far you've run, how many calories you've burned, that you're one sexy Mofo, etc.. Simple concept, right? And then when you get home, your iTunes picks up the data from your ipod and uploads it to your personal profile on where you can collect all your data, interact with other running geeks, and sign up for things like the Human Race 10k.

Last night, I calibrated the chip on a 2km run and then ran another 5km with Bicycle Boy, who's training for a Full Marathon, and uploaded the data to the Nike site. Strangely however, the metric stats and the imperial stats seem to have different graphs. Observe:

Evidently this is not a new aberration, but it has yet to be fixed by Nike. That said, there's a fantastic third-party site that will allow you to graph the ipod-collected data, not just the data that is displayed on the Nike site. VoilĂ !

At any rate, I foresee a lot of messing around and general geeky fun resulting from this rather modest purchase, and if nothing else, it'll forestall the purchase of the full-on Garmin GPS watch for a little while.

And finally, getting back to the topic of all my baggage: Now I will have to pack both ipods (my classic won't work with the Nike+, but TLW's nano will), the proper set of shoes, and the chip along with all my other stuff. Can anyone recommend a great murse?

Yours geekily,

* It's all Brianna's fault.

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Brianna said... 3:54 PM, September 03, 2009  

1. I wish it told me how sexy i was while i was running, i wonder if you can mod it...
2. G has fabulous murse that he got in guatamala that said NYC is murse central -- come visit, we'll go shopping.

Steph said... 3:10 PM, September 04, 2009  

I've seen more than one gent sporting this "daypack" from MEC.

Of course, if you got one, we would be murse-buddies.

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