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After a lengthy hiatus, we continue with the next instalment in the interview series: This time we meet the craftsman and artist behind Under Construction. I have been following his blog for years, and actually met Scott in person earlier this year, and met him again along with his family a month later when work brought them all to my end of the world. Neither of us could recall how we originally connected, though we conceded it must have been something to do with us both being dads and bloggers (since neither of us were stay-at-homes, the daddyblogger moniker doesn't really fit).

At any rate, Scott is a dedicated dad, blogger, artist, soccer fan, bacon fan, and all around great guy. If you haven't checked out Under Construction, I'm here to tell you that his themes (The Random Alphabet of SRH, 20 Questions Tuesday, his completely rational fear of Yetis and Hippopotamuses, and his "Thing" lists are most amusing).

Here, then, is my interview with Scott.

Tell us a little about your little corner of the internet.

Under Construction is a blog that I hastily threw together almost 5 years ago when I was feeling stifled creatively due to various factors. I started to write to see if I could “bring the funny” even when I was not necessarily inspired to be funny. It is a bit of a daddy blog and a bit of a humor blog and sometimes I display some more artistic endeavors there as well. It is a Jack-of-all-Trades-Master-of-None blog.

Describe for us your blogging "community". Are they all generally parent / personal-bloggers, or do you also hang out in other circles?

I have not really ever looked at my “blogging community” as a community before. Looking at my blogroll most of the blogs there are parent blogs with some geekery thrown in for good measure.

You have a regular column on your own blog called 20 Questions Tuesday, in which you've solicited questions from readers some 140 times and answered intelligently, frankly, and almost always humourously. How do you manage to stay committed and enthusiastic with that project?

Starting out the steps taken were pretty tentative. It has taken some time to get my blogging voice, and occasionally that slips and I have to find it again. 20 Questions Tuesday spawned from a love of mine where I answer questions in real life as correct as possible while still being inanely obtuse. 20 Questions Tuesday has been going on since 18 July 2006 more or less consistently, but there are about 10 previous 20 Questions before it became a regular “feature.” It started out because was having writer’s block, so I scoured the Internets for 20 questions, then I started emailing people who I knew read my blog, and then I reached out to the people I didn’t know who read my blog. Honestly 20 Questions Tuesday is one of the few reasons I am still posting regularly. I get energized by the Q&A process.

What keeps you blogging? Tell us what you get the greatest satisfaction from, and what motivates you most.

I should have read ahead on this questionnaire, I seem to have inadvertently answered this question already. Umm… to be more precise. I love the process of coming up with a topic and waiting to see what my reading community (a community can consist of 4 people, right?) asks. Then the process of answering the questions in a hopefully clever manner and unexpected manner is the icing on that blogging cake.

Life for you has changed a lot in the last six years (kids, jobs, raison d'ĂȘtre...). Has blogging been a mainstay for you through all the turbulence and turmoil?

Not really. Sometimes it has seemed more of a chore than a mainstay, but it does get the creative juices moving, and I need some moving.

Dirty little secret time. Name one blog that you don't tell anyone you regularly read.

Hmmm… This is an interesting question. Hmmm… Most everything is on my Blogroll, There was a blog I read a few years ago where I was unable to look away as someone’s relationship crashed and burned. There are naked bloggers out there and this guy was nekked, which is way worse than naked. For the life of me, I have no idea what the URL for that blog is now. My addiction is Facebook right now.

Possibly related to the previous question: Name 3 bloggers you'd like to meet.

I have met one, that would be you, TheMikeStand (in case you forgot your handle), Riley from All Rileyed Up, Wil Wheaton from in Exile, and Dustin from Cotters in my Tummy (even though he is not blogging too much now)

And along those same lines: Which bloggers, if any, do you regularly see in person?

It seems like I see you a helluva lot even though I am in Ohio and you are in Nova Scotia. Other than that I occasionally run into a few Columbus bloggers.

Fill in the blanks: Sometimes I________. But it's okay, because _______.

Sometimes I blank, I just completely lose all ability to write, but it’s okay because 20 Questions Tuesday is never far away.

What do you see as the major hope for the future of blogging?

I think there are some bloggers out there who are making the medium a real useful medium for anecdotal evidence and a nice way to look behind the curtains and see a snapshot of life. If the digital records of these blogs remains for the past to peruse, people in the future will have an unprecedented glimpse into our lives and times. As far as the hope, other than a nice digital archeological/anthropological record… I would say that the consistency of the big name bloggers out there is making this medium viable. The Dooces, the Huffington Posts, Boing Boing, Lifehacker, etc…even though they are the “past” of blogging, they are also subsequently the future.

Conversely, what could signal the beginning of its demise?

I think the days of everyone and their brother having a blog have already come and gone, so in many ways the Horn Resounding has already sounded. That being said I think the easiness for people to lose all sense of civility on the Net will end up being a possible death knell for blogging in general. Politcial blogs don’t seem to survive without being unabashed wing-nuttery, and that unfortunate truth seems to lead blogs that try to be informational or topical to more of the fringe. For example, religious blogs tend to be super-religious… there seems to be very little area for the middle of the ground on the Internet (and be popular Internet-wise) since the landscape is so polarized.

A lot of bloggers are getting into side projects: books, user-submission blogs (postsecret, cakewrecks, passive-aggressive notes, etc.) Do you have any side projects you'd like to talk about/ announce?

Nope, nothing the works. I am sure I could have a nice 300+ pager if I just compiled all the 20 Questions posts into one work, but there really is not a market for that other than my own interest in re-reading.

Give us a picture of yourself?

(Ed: See? Doesn't he look happy? You should go read him.)

Thanks Scott!

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