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Twitter, like this blog, started as a mere curiosity. For sween, it's always been about the funny. And, in my opinion* he does it very well. It should be interesting to see if I get new followers, and if I become paralyzed by the desire to post only the quirky and / or funny bits that flow through my brain on a daily basis. I guess we'll see.

*And in, oh, the opinions of 750,000 twitter followers, many of whom are also very funny. (See favrd.)

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jenny said... 9:06 PM, August 12, 2009  

I've got to be honest. I come here for the funny, but I stay here for the scotch. Isn't it time for another tasting review?

I just read something about a $50,000 bottle of scotch and thought of you. I only need $49,994 and it's mine!

chRistine said... 9:21 AM, August 23, 2009  

for whatever reason, i just can't "understand" twitter.. it seems like facebook, only pure statuses.

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