Local News: Tories blue over orange government

I suppose that with all the other elections and by-elections that we've had around these parts lately, it seems we've just been through this process. But for those of you from away who care, and for those of you here who managed to miss the election ( we did have near record low voter turnout, after all), the Provincial government fell, and it fell hard:

The Progressive Conservative party reign is over. From a majority to two functioning minority governments, to a punishing defeat at the polls resulting in them taking over third-party status. (Wonks can click here.)

For the first time in Nova Scotia history, the New Democrats are in power. And it's a majority, folks. Normally this would be a curse for a new party to take power during a recession (remind you of anyone, people?), but at least the majority situation will allow some breathing room to get things right while the economy starts to recover (I promise: no 'green shoot' talk. In fact, if I hear that one more time, I may have to green-shoot someone.).

And maybe we'll see a full term of office pass by before another expensive election. Hear that, federal government? The last thing anyone needs right now is another expensive election. Let's get on with things, shall we?

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ha - green shoot someone, very funny...

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