Glen Breton Rare, Chapter ARE WE STILL DOING THIS?

I'm only posting this so that the few people coming to this site for information on Canada's only Single Malt Whisky and the neverending tiff with the Scotch Whisky Association. (Click at the bottom of this post for the previous entries.)

To distill the story for you (see what I did there?)*: The SWA didn't like the original decision to allow Glen Breton to continue using the word "Glen" in it's marketing, so it decided to go to the Federal Court of Appeal. Which said, in a word, "Nuh." So to the Surpeme Court, which also shot it down. Unfortunate for the SWA, but good for local distillers in these parts.

Also, if we on the east coast are going to be treated to a dearth of Scotch Whisky, what else can we turn to??

The Supreme Court of Canada said Thursday it will not hear the association's appeal of a lower court ruling that approved the label used by Cape Breton's Glenora Distillers. The court dismissed the appeal with costs, meaning the association must also pay part of Glenora's legal fees according to a scale set by the court.Source: CBC News

However, in case you thought it was all wine and roses, there was this little ray of light. From the SWA:

"However, the Court of Appeal's findings that the mark has caused confusion because of its use of a 'Glen' prefix, and that Glenora has marketed its product as Scotch in all but name, have not been reversed."

Sigh. To quote Great Big Sea: Drink'er up, boys. It's well after ten.

Oh, and I still haven't tried the stuff. But feel free to pick up a bottle and bring it on over.

* Note that the Daily Business Buzz did not infact make a clever joke in their headline.

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