The Whole Half

For those of you who haven't checked up on me online, I did indeed finish the Half Marathon this past weekend, with a time of 1:52:49, though I'm a little confused about the chip time vs. the official time. I was aiming for the 2-hour mark (a 9:06 mile pace), which was a little bit of a stretch given that my trining runs with my running partner were putting us about 2hrs and 5 minutes.

Well, as you can see below, we ran together for about the first 6-8km and then wound up getting separated. I hit the stopwatch wherever I could to figure out some splits, and I spotted the Running Room Pace Rabbit (aside: what a cool idea) wearing the "Half 2:00" pink bunny ears (we had started with the 2:15 group at the start line), and figured I would be home free if I stayed in contact with her. So, at a water stop, I kept on going and never saw those little ears again. The weather was perfect, the fans/supporters came out in droves, and all the runners were very friendly. All in all, a very motivating, satisfying experience. I finished 435th out of 1,520. My running partner finished only ten minutes after me, but 400 participants behind. Maybe I was the bottleneck?

Split times, by the geek himself

I'm recovering quite well, I think. On Monday I took a little spin on the road bike to keep things loose, and yesterday I ran 6.8km (4.23mi) in 8:07 pace. And I told myself I was only going to take it easy and do 5km. Clearly the two things I'm not very good at are controlling my pace, and actually following through on an "easy jog". But hey, I guess it's working for me.

One more training run (well, maybe two) and then it's off to Cape Breton with sixteen strangers for the Cabot Trail Relay (check out Leg 15, which will have me on the pavement at 0530 on Sunday morning). There's a 9:30 per mile (6min / km) allotted time to finish your leg, otherwise you get the time of the slowest finisher plus five minutes. I'm hoping that I'll be awake enough and energetic enough to hit the finish mat. After all, I have one of the easiest legs to run.

And, if I have the energy and motivation (and why wouldn't I?), I'd like to try out a couple duathlons this summer. I think the Tri is out of the question, unless of course they're doing life saving training in the pools. October will bring the Valley Harvest Half Marathon, which I've already recruited some running pals to do.

Is this the new me? If it is, I like it. Er.. him. Me.

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3 stepped up to the mike: said... 6:58 PM, May 22, 2009  

I am tickled about him, too! Er, not that I didn't like the old Mike...
Congratulations, and good luck on the upcoming events!

Mel and Chad said... 1:04 PM, May 25, 2009  

Congrats Mike!!

SRH said... 7:09 PM, May 26, 2009  

this is just plain awe inspiring. one of these days I too will exercise.

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