Run the Half: Status Report #1 - Still not dead.

Here's a picture of me only 5-and-a-third weeks into a 10-week Half Marathon prep (courtesy

Also, this is what 132.74km (83 miles)looks like. Man, that really is a decent distance, eh?

Some thoughts, five weeks in:

  • I'm handling this better than I thought I would. Getting up/out to run isn't the chore it used to be, and I don't feel like blowing off my scheduled runs.

  • Apropos of the above, having a running partner really is a benefit. You can run, sweat, whine, and celebrate the little victories together.

  • Going in, I figured that the 5km runs (3mi) would be too easy, and I would just add a mile onto them in the early weeks, since I could handle it. Nowadays I take those 3-milers as a little bonus. I do my 3-miles, and if I'm on an easy treadmill* , I go a little further and either do 4 miles or round up to the next five minute increment.

  • The long runs? Not so hard to handle. Other than the time it takes**, I usually feel that I could keep going when I get to the end of the run. Last week's 8-miler was done in exceptional time, possibly due to mostly flat terrain and the fortuitous placement of Mr. Brightside coming through the ipod's earbuds. Something about the pace that song got me over the hump and probably boosted my pace by a full minute.

  • The new shoes are fantastic. My old ones, which I was forced to don this morning in a pinch, are too big, too stretched out, and don't have nearly the cushion of their replacements.

All in all, I am hoping that the weather is decent (the day of the Bluenose is notoriously bad for weather) and I have someone to talk to, if iPods are prohibited. Y'see, I'm something of a Chatty Cathy when it comes to running. If I have to think about running, I think about quitting. It's just how I am. In a pinch, doing endless metric conversion has saved my long runs, but even then, i have a hard time getting to the third decimal. Go ahead, lie and tell me you're just like me in that respect. Thank you.

Next Sunday: 9 miles. IN A ROW.

* I've gone on before about the very capable treadmill in my basement which feels it has to push me to my limits to get a 5k in under half an hour.

**I think it was George Carlin who mused: I used to run for an hour every day. Then one day I thought, "If I take the car I could save so much time."

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Steph said... 11:09 AM, April 09, 2009  

My coworker who was training to do the half sprained her ankle this week on some loose gravel. We're not sure if she's out of commission yet.

Good luck with your training!

Brianna said... 11:23 AM, April 09, 2009  

man I am so impressed -- my 2.5 miles kills me. I also wish i had you to chat with on my runs i'm dependent on podcasts alone. Also: i think my calves are getting smaller said... 8:30 PM, April 09, 2009  

Oh yeah. Metric equations are always done out of boredom and merely for fun around here. As a matter of fact the other day I was sitting at the beauty shop getting that exact same do the chick in the video has. You know, The Poodle? And all I could think of was metric equations.
How's that for vainly trying to relate? ;-)
Still... I'm very impressed and proud of you!

Lauren said... 3:56 PM, April 11, 2009  

great work, very inspiring. trying my first 5km OUTSIDE ON REAL PAVEMENTS tomorrow morning, should be interesting. if it makes you feel better, i also attempt metric conversions and other maths puzzles whilst running as a distraction from what i'm actually doing :)

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