'appy 'rth uh....day?

Well, another Earth Day is upon us, and though I've posted thoughtful and creative things in the past, I just don't have much of it in me today. The world is going on and on about recovering from the economic crisis, greenies and granola lovers everywhere are afraid recovery will be at the expense of the environment, and well, I'm just hoping we can keep it all together long enough to remember the progress we've made on the Green Front.

So here's to the Earth. Love it, and don't forget about it.

Also, I wanted to post a video of Tom Chapin's Happy Earth Day, but the best I could find was this video which, while moderately entertaining, doesn't really hit the "green" mark for today*. Instead, let me introduce (some of) you to Danny Michel, a most wonderful Canadian independent artist whom I had the privelege of seeing not long ago from a staggering six feet away - seriously, we got 'bumped up' to first class in the teeny tiny bar we were in, which meant our table butted up against the stage and I got to inform the performer that he'd dropped his harmonica in his duffel bag when he'd momentarily lost track of it. Anyway, long story short, here's Danny Michel -- enjoy. This song's something of a personal story from his recent past, and the encroachment of civilization on the untouched beauty of the world.

* this one's close, though! Click to listen to Walk the World Now, Children.

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HalfAsstic.com said... 2:58 PM, April 28, 2009  

It's easy for me to remember Earth Day each year. I gave birth to my second daughter 18 years ago on that day. She is very proud of the fact that she shares her birthday with the earth's day of celebration.

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