More on my half-brained idea

In case anyone's wondering, here's the training plan my friend and I are attempting. It's the 10-week one, and I don't know if I'm going to aim for two hours or not -- seems like most of my 10k runs are done in under an hour, but trying to repeat it for the second hour may be a lot to hope for.

Note: Green, not the now-defunct "Crayola Flesh" is Long Slow Distance: 1-2 minutes slower than half-marathon goal pace (GP).

Yesterday's 4.8k run on my lying-sack-of-sh!t treadmill* wasn't much fun, but in all fairness, my brain was not into it. I received a snarky text message from Wyatt**, my co-half-marathoner*** saying that he'd completed his training before work that day and that I only had a few hours left to make good on my Day 1.

* Perhaps it's just trying to get me to run a little farther because it's good for me, but a 5k on that treadmill seems like it takes at least 5 minutes too long to do. Possibly 8 minutes.
** Probably only seemed snarky because I was getting soaked while waiting for the bus and not feeling much like running.
*** Does this mean that, together, we'll get credit for the full Marathon? No?

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Jill Will Run said... 11:53 AM, March 03, 2009  

Some running articles say that running on a treadmill is easier than running outside, but I think that's a load of crap. I find it way easier to run outside. The dreadmill just sits there taunting you with the little lights and changing numbers the whole time. Bleh....

Thanks for stopping by my site. I'm adding you to my feed reader!

Brianna said... 12:58 PM, March 03, 2009  

Um the color coding on this training plan is all screwed up, what does green even mean? I may have no hope of running a half marathon but I kick ass at making spreadsheets. said... 7:40 PM, March 04, 2009  

Mike. You need to do it over with a different, (read: MANLY) color scheme. Buttery yellow, fuchsia, lime sherbert green, and tangy tangerine DO NOT SPELL JOCK.
I am confident that just adjusting these minor details will put you over the top and you can even drop an entire day of training from the schedule.
Oh yes. I should be charging for this kind of advise... ;-)

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