Fading lines

It's been just over three weeks since my knees saw the sun. Coming back from Florida was one of those terribly familiar homecoming events: you're excited to come home to your house (and your bed!) and to all things workaday, but sad to be leaving behind the warmth and the relaxation. With a head filled with memories of daily runs on the beach and opportunities for long distance cycling (without the required Ninjaclava), you return to the Great White North and wade your way through snow and ice and commiserate with the tiny buds on that maple tree outside your window.

In short, I know completely understand why people (and birds) go south in the winter. I just don't know why they come back. Alright, that's a bit of an understatement. People like me do enjoy the changing of the seasons, but sometimes you just have your fill -- and sometimes you have that fill by December and you just have to get. away. from. winter.

Next up? Try to figure out a way to retire. And maybe try to continue to fit into the awesome swimsuit that actually fit me after day-upon-day of glorious, sun-soaked outdoor exercise. Le sigh.

Oh, and because you like pictures as much as I like taking them...

Click for the full set.

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HalfAsstic.com said... 8:01 PM, February 26, 2009  

Great pics! And I know what you mean about loving the warmth and enjoying the summer in the winter. But there's nothing that can compete with actually getting different seasons. It kinda sucks to just have one long series of warm to warmish days and nothing else. Believe me, you would miss the winter eventually. Although, it may take a long time. ;-)

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