Dream Switchers

Last night, I was having some kind of Mobius strip dream about home renovations, specifically the drywall taping and mudding process. I've been up late* the last few nights trying to put the finishing touches on some surprise reno work for the in-laws, and it seems this is task has fallen to me. With random sleep interruptions, the dream would return and I'd be mudding, sanding, and frustratingly repeating the process.

I was awaken last night by the nearly five-year-old Older Son, who periodically gets up in the middle of the night because of bad dreams and such. As I'm on the side of the bed closest to our door (Mental note: This is one mistake I'm gonna have to live with forever, unless I can convince The Lovely Wife to rearrange the bedroom.), I'm often the one that dutifully returns him to his bed, gives him a small cuddle, and talks him out of it. My own father used to tell me that dreams were like TV programs**, and if I had a nightmare, I could just change the channel.

Notwithstanding the recurring nightmare I used to have (a "repeat", if you will), that worked quite well for me, so I began telling Older Son about the technique during our little midnight chats. More often than not, it's effective and he returns to peaceful slumber almost immediately. Last night he was being haunted by some looming personal danger relating to ice hockey on the frozen lake behind his cousin's house. TLW was quicker on the draw last night than I was (I was probably still sanding out the bumps), but had I my wits about me, I should have just offered Older Son to exchange dreams with me -- he'd probably enjoy mudding and sanding more than I was, and I could deal with the cracking lake ice in his dream.

* Sometimes until after 10pm!
** I am not ashamed to tell you that I was partially raised by the television, no offense to my parents who also did a good job raising me. I believe that somewhere in the reams of TV trivia stuck in my recesses of my mental hard drive, there are nuggets of actual useful information left over from those days.

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Megan said... 4:08 PM, February 18, 2009  

Haha. I think the side of the bed that each person sleeps on becomes hard-wired into the brain. I could never sleep on the left side now.

HalfAsstic.com said... 4:21 PM, February 19, 2009  

How you "lucked into" the outside of the bed is beyond me. I have always had it too, but it all started with getting up with the babies and nursing, changing and whatnot. The toddlers figured out fast that if they were ever going to get to sneak into our bed it was going to be on their dad's side of the bed as I immediately carried out the same bed plan you did. Husband? too tired to play that game.

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