Here you go, folks. If you've learned nothing (else) this year, it's not too late.

From the Globe and Mail's Social Studies column, by Michael Kesterton:

Oh, we are surprised

Some results from a round-up of this year's research studies that The Sunday Times of London labels "bleedin' obvious:"
Call centre staff who try to be your friend by using your name - dubbed synthetic personalization - are irritating, concluded Oxford University researchers.

Parents whose children will not eat vegetables can succeed in disguising them in other dishes by mushing them up, according to research by Penn State University.

Men prefer blondes, says research by a team of Polish psychologists on the perception of hair colour in women over 35.

There. Go, spread the knowledge.

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doow said... 7:09 PM, December 30, 2008  

I thank you for mah edumacation, kind sir.

richgold said... 10:26 PM, December 30, 2008  

I'd like to see the research on the persistent telemarketers who ask for you by name, and "want to see if they can save you money" even if you don't currently do business with them.

One bank/trust company tracked me down and asked me if I thought it would be ok if they could see if they could save me something or other. I said "No." Wow. They left me alone. Only took 'em five tries to reach me! Sure hope it was worth their time. said... 9:29 PM, January 01, 2009  

Uuum, Yes.
And yes.
Oh, yup.
Uh, OK... but, do they prefer POLISH blonds?

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