Wrapping up Movember 2008

Alas, another Movember has all but come and gone, and though my Mo isn't coming in any thicker or darker than in the past, I had much more fun with it this year, and in these parts, we had a bigger crowd growing and grooming compared with last year. Also, with the help of family, friends (both real and the bloggy variety) I managed to surpass my fundraising goal and got a fair bit of local media attention.

Starting with this little interview I did with Melissa Tobin, a radio reporter from Dalhousie University :

And then this spot from the local morning show Breakfast Television:

Yes, yes, I know. My Mo is terrible. At least Derek could stand up for the Bros.

And the very next day, I was part of a larger piece that aired on the suppertime news (clip not available yet, but trust me on this, my Mo looks better when it's not under the unforgiving studio lighting!)UPDATE: Here it is:

Cut to yesterday...The Mo Town party was last night, and I think we got 50-60 people out, including Mo Bros, precious few Mo Sistas, and some folks that just came out for the band. I think they knew something was up, as they didn't seem at all fazed by the fact that it looked as though they might have just walked into a motorcycle-cop convention. We crowned "Sal" (see the story below) the Best Mo Town Mo and "Laura" Miss Movember Halifax 2008 for her hard work with the Dalhousie Law crowd.

The last piece of print evidence showed up this morning in the provincial newspaper:

Perhaps one of the best surprises this year was that I roped Sween into embracing the Mo. My apologies to his Lovely Wife. Another few days and it'll all be over.

I'll post more pictures and other audio and video as they become available.

My undying thanks go to the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation of Canada for their support of us east-coast yokels as we try to raise the profile of Halifax and get ourselves an official Gala Parté sometime soon. If you still think you might donate to the cause, it's not too late.

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7 stepped up to the mike:

Megan said... 3:42 PM, November 27, 2008  


richgold said... 10:53 PM, November 29, 2008  

Mike - on behalf of my dad, my husband and my sons, thank you.

HalfAsstic.com said... 2:00 PM, December 01, 2008  

Somehow I want to call you "Mo" from now on... I mean think about it, your initials wouldn't change.
Don't worry about the lack of harry-machismo, er, MOchismo, heh. You've got charisma in spades!
Excellent job getting the word out and there's a special place in heaven for you.
Now if I could only get John in for a checkup and prostate exam...

SRH said... 10:17 AM, December 02, 2008  

I believe you have surpassed "awesome" and gone directly for "hawesome."

OperaWife said... 2:32 PM, December 09, 2008  

Am I wrong or did the news program misspell your last name? Congrats on getting so much coverage (pun intended) on Movember this year!

richgold said... 10:37 PM, December 09, 2008  

I've been giving a few weeks of thought about your Mo and coverage issues. How about a little Grecian (sp?) formula next year?

themikestand said... 8:29 AM, December 10, 2008  

Thanks everyone... it was fun to be in the public eye for a change. I still get people coming up to me (who I know, of course, not strangers) saying they saw or heard me on the news/media. Fun stuff.

And you're right, Operawife -- they did get my name spelled wrong on one of those.

Finally, yes, I've been thinking of some colouration to enhance the Mo in years to come. We'll see. It may feel like cheating, but after all, I've sort of been cheated myself, haven't I?

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