It was either this, or a clip show.

It's time for an update post.

What is this Mo Fo?

Some may have noticed that I've not been posting here recently. Others may have noticed that I'm not taking part in the 'BloPoMo this year. I am, however, and it should come as little surprise, taking part in Movember yet again. This marks my second year of month-long moustache growing*. So far, I think I'm equally as sketchy as last year. You can read about my progress on my MoSpace page. More importantly, I would really like your support in the form of a donation, if you have the ability to give. Click here and you can make your donation online. Any donation over $20 will receive a taxable deduction receipt. I'm almost half-way to my goal of raising $1,000 this year and could really use your support.

What I might not have mentioned is that the folks at the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation of Canada have asked me to coordinate the efforts out here, so I've been trying to get my face and voice out there. So far, I've done two radio interviews and have the possibility for a television spot to showcase the local Movember efforts. I'll post them if and when they become available. Maybe fame will be good for the Mo?

Update: The Lovely Wife will not be happy to hear this, but I'm kind of liking the moustache and wonder what it could become if given the time to properly flourish.

There's a Mizzouse in da Hizzouse

Fall also means that little outdoor creatures are looking for indoor refuge. Yes, it seems the mice are back. In the span of a week, I composted 4 of the little buggers (If TLW asks, it's only 3. Shhhh.) It all got started with a certain tub of bird seed (not that one) that was stowed in the garage. I had duct taped the hole in the side, but to no avail. On the plus side, it seems I'm having equal luck with two types of traps, and since I plugged two teeny tiny holes in the wall with steel wool, we've been mouse free.

From One Mouse to Another

Earlier this year, The Lovely Wife and I had decided to start saving up to go on holiday. Just the two of us. My, how plans change. A bonus from her job and a windfall from the bank (think Monopoly, only better, but the money is just as colourful) bolstered the holiday fund, and since my job change means I don't have the same number of holidays saved up, has resulted in us deciding to go to Florida with the kids in January. The Grammie and Papa will be snowbird-ing down there for several weeks, so why not? I'm told there will be one day of DisneyWorld involved -- I reckon I can handle the crowds if I'm properly sedated. Also, golf and some time spent with The Lovely Wife. No sedatives necessary for those. Next stop, the passport office. And hey, with any luck, there will still be some cash left in the holiday fund when we return and we can plan for something in 2009.

The Coffee Drought is Over

I'd just like to note, for those of you looking for more of an update on the "new job", that one of the clear perks (no pun) is that I'm but a stone's throw from not one, not two, but SIX very good coffee shops. And one of them just happens to be JustUs, source of my favourite Fair Trade Organic coffee. Let there be caffeine, I say! Much better than the options I had at my disposal when I moved across the harbour, where good coffee dare not go.

There. Mostly updated. We good?

*month-long is not a unit of measurement, but rather a unit of time. I can see that discussion going somewhere regrettable, so let's just not go there at all.

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3 stepped up to the mike: said... 1:36 PM, November 14, 2008  

Good update, Mike!
Glad to hear you've grown in the forested area above you lip just fine and, of course you can't bear a vacation. Disneyland sounds great! Bulk up on sedation and everybody will love you for it. I suggest having your lovely wife push you around in a wheelchair while slightly inebriated. You'll get through it!
And the very most important part:
Coffee! I had no idea you were suffering in your past work digs with no good coffee venue. This is horrible! I would have prayed or something if I had known!

SRH said... 4:43 PM, November 14, 2008  

I didn't think you posted anymore

Anonymous said... 10:49 AM, November 26, 2008  

So glad to see you back!

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