Same as the Old Boss (Canada Voted.)

Last time:

This time:
Source: CBC

So glad we got that figured out. Now we can get ahead with all the policymaking in our no-longer-dysfunctional Parliament. On with the benefiting of hard working, ordinary Canadian families with good old, kitchen-table values. Nevermind that we won't have that $300 million to spend on health care, daycare spaces and the environment. No no, it all went into the campaign. We probably would have pissed it away on something frivolous anyway.

See you again in 2-4 years. I'll be the one with the disillusioned look on his face as I'm exiting the polling booth. On second though, maybe I'd better wear a name tag as there's bound to be some confusion.

(Afterthought: If Americans threaten to go to Canada if their red team gets in, where can Canadians threaten to go if our blue team gets in? )

Posted bythemikestand at 9:27 AM  

5 stepped up to the mike: said... 1:36 PM, October 15, 2008  

"Afterthought"? You could do an entire post about that alone. Quite the conundrum.
We're up next, wish us luck down here.

SRH said... 3:09 PM, October 15, 2008  

Halfasstic has the right of it. You have a conundrum post just waiting to be written.

Candy said... 3:11 PM, October 15, 2008  

It could be worse, Mike. You could be an American.

Echomouse said... 5:02 PM, October 16, 2008  

I think our only option at this point is to leave the planet. Perhaps Tina Fey will will show us how.

Karen said... 6:21 PM, October 19, 2008  

As an American recently moved to Canada (but unable to vote here), I was hoping you all would point the way for the US and help create some momentum. Oh well. There are people on both coasts wearing that same look of disappointment, but it's the people in the middle you've got to convince, I guess.

And yeah, a corollary conundrum post would be great.

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