First baseball... now maybe football. Can checkers be far behind?

Just got this nifty little widget in the mail from the same benevolent souls that brought you the Schick Quattro entry (Yes, I know I owe you before and after pictures and a related update on Movember -- they're coming!). Seems Peyton Manning, in an "approved message" ('Tis the season, after all.) is trying to get American Football into the Olympics. I guess it would be more like NFL vs. NFL Europe, unless they allowed Canadian football types to compete, which might completely screw the game up with all the punting on third down and all.

As an aside, Peyton's one of the more outspoken and funny NFL athletes, so I can't help but support him in this. Anyway, click and sign the petition if the urge hits you. Who knows, maybe we can get the Olympics to last an entire month! (And I could figure out just how many Doritos the human body can consume before the flesh starts turning orange.)

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