7 Days - Summer 2008, Days 1-3

Doow has done it again, and it seems like more people than ever are participating in the Flickr 7Days of Self Portraits challenge.

Here's a peek at my first three submissions:

7Days:1 - I'm a picker
Today the boys and I and the cousins went to the Valley and picked 50 lbs of apples and 10 lbs of pears. Definitely got our money's worth taste-testing in the field, too.

7Days:2 - Action
Though not exactly IN action at the time of this photo, the new bike (!) got to see its first bit of action today. Say it with me: Wheeeee!

7Days:3 - Bring It In
There's just something about 7 Days and ultimate frisbee (see last time) -- here we have "Sniff", my fall league team bringing it in for a cheer after halftime. We lost. Badly, I might add. But we have fun.

a quickr pickr post

As always, it's been both challenging and very fun to come up with new ideas every day. Some days are more inspiring than others, but the people in this group are sometimes the best inspiration I could wish for.

I'll post the rest after the end of Day 7...

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bethany actually said... 1:24 PM, September 25, 2008  

Brenda (SAJ) and I were just talking about how great the people in the 7 Days group are! Somehow we've managed to self-select a bunch of smart, funny people. Not sure how that happened, but I always enjoy it!

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