Weddings are Hard Work

Last week we spent five days in PEI drinking golfing attending a wedding of one of The Lovely Wife's friends. One of the last girls in the "PAG" (don't ask) to get hitched, and one of the biggest partiers of the bunch, we knew this one would be a Class-A shindig. And what a bash it was. For four days we hung out with friends new and old (mostly new for me, since I'm not from this part of the world), "roughed it" with four other couples in a four bedroom cottage with wi-fi, satellite television and a 37" flat screen TV. I tell ya, it was tough going. I probably couldn't have handled it for much more than another month or so. Oh, and did I mention we didn't have any kids with us? Ironically, we probably got less sleep instead of more, given that during this vacation, most nights I was up later BY CHOICE than I have been over the past five years.

We also had a memorable party in Charlottetown and I got to see a new side of that during the bachelor party. Sorry, no pictures of that. Evidently what happens in Charlottetown stays in Charlottetown. And that's just fine by me. The golf was spectacular, too. Danny and I did Dundarave one day and the "piddly" 9-hole course which was also on the premises, and which at the low, low price of $20 put most courses in my experience completely to shame. Like I said, I could probably get used to this. I really never expected to want my camera while golfing, but I won't make that mistake again.

The wedding itself was a well-planned affair that seemed to go off without a hitch. I managed to snap 300 pictures or so, including headshots of all the guests to go into a guestbook. It pays to bring along your camera (not like I wouldn't). I won't bore you with all the guest shots, since I probably couldn't tell you who 90% of them are anymore. But we certainly had fun drinking three kegs dancing with them until all hours of the morning!

The trip home was fraught with staying awake at the wheel and thankfully a mostly steady ferry ride across the Northumberland Strait. All things considered, it was a successful weekend. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some sleeping to do.


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Posted bythemikestand at 8:39 AM  

2 stepped up to the mike: said... 8:20 PM, August 27, 2008  

What? NO BACON? And you still consider this a successful outing?

themikestand said... 8:54 PM, August 27, 2008  

Really, it was more of a case of "didn't mention the bacon" -- I should have, since two mornings of the four there was bacon on the table. But really, I think I was too hungover, er... tired to properly enjoy it.

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