Not long Several weeks Last month Utterly eons ago, I was approached by a kind person who had read this here bloglication and out of either sheer benevolence or maybe creative marketing offered to send me (me!) free goods, just because I seemed like a nice person. Or that I may have global influence over international consumption. We'll soon see if that person was right.

After being approached via the "email me" link at the top of this page ("not the most popular link on this page", this writer says with some dismay), I admitted my obsession for all things "free stuff" and "gadgetry" oriented, and lo and behold a few days later, my benefactor made good on his promise. A bubble-wrap package arrived from the USA:



a quickr pickr post

I give you, my friends, the Schick Quattro Titanium Trimmer. And it's not just any old razor, this Quattro. It's the newfangled razor with four blades on one side, a precision blade on the other side (frankly I thought this was suspect when it was first introduced on the market, but when you start laying out blades like you're planting rows of beans in your garden, you might find that technology sometimes pays off. Or you may just prefer even-length sideburns.), and a battery operated trimmer on the other end. I KNOW. WHO THINKS OF THESE THINGS? AWESOME.

I was also invited to check out TrimFlixx, a delicious little time waster (potentially more geared to those with a Y-chromosome than those without, but we're talking about razors for boys here, people). I uploaded my own face onto a buff headless dude and pillow-fought with some babes. Somewhere out there people get to actually do this, right? No? Well, while I did enjoy the hardbody I inherited for the minute and a half show, I was left slightly dismayed by the sudden reality check at the end of it all. You're all invited to go make your own TrimFlixx movie and show your friends. Or maybe put someone's face that you love on there and let the hilarity ensue.

One thing I should say, however, is that the Schick Quattro Titanium Trimmer is some kind of cool razor that I would likely never have purchased on my own, mainly because I'm cheap leery of scientific advancements not related to bicycles, cameras, and music playing devices. Razors are the type of things I hold out on until I have to admit that they really are getting better year after year, blade after blade.

Now, if I could just get a few of these babies when Movember rolls around, we could have some great prizes and the appearance of sponsorthip. Bring on the mutton chops and the handlebar 'staches! But more importantly, bring on more free stuff. This blog gig is starting to really pay off! (Not really.)

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3 stepped up to the mike: said... 8:20 PM, August 12, 2008  

Cool! Free shit! I love it.
I saw a commercial the other day for a gizmo that you are supposed to be able to use to actually sharpen your razor blades so that you can continue to use them indefinitely. I wish I had gotten the name and researched it. Late night infomercial, I was sleepy.

Brianna said... 11:42 AM, August 13, 2008  

wait an entire post about a razor and no review of the shaving experience? no before and after? no facial hair related tomfoolery? you make me sad.

themikestand said... 8:02 AM, August 14, 2008  

halfasstic: The environmentalist in me applauds the change away from the disposable market!

brianna: I know. I've let you down, and I'm sorry. I'll get some facial hair before/afters this weekend, when I can actually give my face time to come up with some semblance of hair. Did you not see the Movember pictures??

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