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Curses! Memed again... this time by Krissa over at HalfAsstic.com. If I had something blogworthy going on in my life at the moment (anyone want to hear about my bus rides to and from work? No?) I'd surely post that first, but seeing as how the tank is a little low these days, here goes.
Eight things I want to do before I die.  Assuming I have a few years before this is likely to happen, here they are in no particular order, and curiously inter-related:
1. Visit a few (2? 3?) more countries where I do not speak the language. Hopefully not eat anything poisonous which brings on acute and painful death.
2. Do some sort of triathlon (even if it's a kiddie-sized one!). Failing that, I'd like to learn how to swim properly. Unlike my own father, it is not my goal in life to find new and inventive ways to embarrass my children. Though I may take that up as a sideline hobby. My dad DID seem to get some joy out of it.
3. Take control of my finances. That is, I want to have enough money to invest in something other than my RRSP's mutual funds. This would require paying off my goddamn student loans and perhaps losing the van payment and not having it die on my the very next day.
4. Become really good at something. I'm thinking photography, since that seems to be the way I'm leaning these days. I always think it's great when people can really spend the time to get into something. Maybe have a show of some sort to display my work. Maybe coerce someone to shed clothes and model for me (bathing suits would be sufficient -- I'm not fussy.)
5. See a cure for cancer. Seriously, even some teeny tiny form of it. There has to be a way to stop people from dying from it.
6. Live a healthy, active life everyday, while still taking the time to get some quality relaxation in. Happy lives must be better if you live longer. Right?
7. Meet my grandchildren. I want to see my boys as dads (if they want to be dads someday).
8. Get involved in a business venture. I have this dream where I want to run a pub, a bar, or some other type of community establishment. This may or may not happen in this country, but I think it would be a great option to the regular 9-to 5.
8. (Again. Because I'm a big fat cheater, and because this one is important): Grow very old, and very happy, with my wife.  
I'm probably supposed to tag someone (eight people?), but I would have a hard time believing that eight people currently read my drivel. So hey, you! Reader! Yeah, YOU!  Play along!

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Candy said... 4:26 PM, August 28, 2008  

So you're well is dry too eh? Yeah, I have absolutely nothing to blog about these days. I'm pretty sure I tagged Krissa with this, so I guess you can thank me. Send me your left over brussel sprouts or something.

SRH said... 2:11 PM, August 29, 2008  

still waiting for my interview :)

Post topics have been hard to come by recently on my side as well.

HalfAsstic.com said... 11:58 PM, August 29, 2008  

Well, how clever of you to "save" your meme for a dry period. Cheating? Maybe. Smart? For sure!
And by the way, you may not think you want to take up embarrassing your kids as a hobby now, but, as they get to be teenagers you will see how much they deserve it and you will get great joy and satisfaction from it.

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