Hair today, gone tomorrow?

Fear not, this is not a post about manscaping. Though this might be something for Whoorl's Hair Thursday, which I totally don't read and don't totally love at all. No sir.


Some weeks ago, the kids and I dropped The Lovely Wife off at the local salon de coiffure for a trim. From the outset, TLW said this was going to be more than just a trim. She wasn't happy with the ever-present ponytail she normally resorted to, so she was out for something a little different. The boys and I went into the nearby grocery store to stock up on bacon and other things we might need for all the camping we're doing this summer, and then grab a quick bite and go back to pick her up an hour later.  As I rounded the corner, we could see TLW hanging out on the step in front of the salon, hair trimmed shorter than  had ever seen it. She would later describe it as "the shortest her hair has been since the first time it ever reached that length".

"WOW!" I said to the kids in the back seat. "Mommy got a great haircut!" And we proceeded to roll up and let her into the vehicle.

"Awesome haircut, honey. Sure is short! How long did it take her to convince you to go that short?"

"Actually", she said, "It was my idea."

"I think it's great!", I said, with complete honesty and no deadly hesitation whatsoever.

She seemed unconvinced, but pretty happy with it, noting that "Hey, it's only hair. It'll grow."

Within five minutes she hated the new 'do with the fire of a thousand suns. And to this day, she actively hates her hairstyle, even though she gets about a bajillion compliments a day on it. I won't direct you to any pictures of the style, since she's really not keen on getting in front of the camera -- but I'll say there's at least one picture which shows just how short she's gone.

This morning, as she was performing her daily mortification in front of the mirror after getting up, I asked her if she had a transition style in mind for when her hair got a little longer and, though I thought this topic might be an express ticket to "I can't believe you just said that" land, she just responded with a chuckle and a "not really, no." I guess we'll see what the future holds for Haircut 2008: The OMG Edition -- but I'm sure I'll still find her completely irresistible.


It's almost time for my near-monthly haircut, and since I'll be starting a new job in August, I figure I should do some cleaning up before the Week of First Impressions* . When I interviewed there, I was about a week into a haircut, which you may know (or I might have just made up) means my hair was, statistically speaking, the perfect length. No doubt that's why I rocked the interview.

So now, it's five, or maybe six weeks since my last cut, and while my brain (and my sideburns) tell me it's time for a snip**, a part of me wants surfer hair. Maybe it's the Maclean's article on Dennis Wilson that speaks to me, or my steadily bronzing neck and arms (nobody rocks the farmer tan like me), but I even googled "how to get surfer hair" and found the wikihow for it. I just haven't figured out if this is the right step to take. First of all, it requires a certain shagginess that I'm not sure I could, or should, pull off. Secondly, I'm deathly afraid that whatever look I come up with will be misconstrued as "emo hair". [shudder]

So, internets, have a look at this picture, and at these pictures, and then go find me some good surfer looks that might suit my remaining hairline and bleaching-out colour. Come on, you didn't think I write this stuff just so you can read it and then leave, did you? Silly internets. And feel free to let me know that surfer hair is totally the WRONG move for me and that I should just rent Blue Crush or one of the classic surf films and get it out of my system. But I may not listen.


* For this reason I'm glad it's not Movember yet, though I'll have to give the heads-up to the new coworkers so they don't think I've gone pornstar on them when it arrives.

** No, not THAT snip.

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SRH said... 4:34 PM, July 17, 2008  

it is a thin and careful line you must tread between hip surfer and overage emo. Good luck to you sir. Email me when you get the new work email. said... 5:24 PM, July 17, 2008  

I dunno, Mike. I really like it short. I don't have a lot of imagination, I guess, but, can't see you as a Shaggy.
Besides, it worked with the last interview!

Brianna said... 6:01 PM, July 17, 2008  

I'm not actually sure that I know what surfer hair is... that said I shouldn't be allowed to suggest hair styles for boys since I tend to ask all boyfriend to grow their hair longish on the theory that it will be cute but in reality it is usually just floppy.

kris said... 10:12 PM, July 17, 2008  

Oh sweet boy. I'm hung up on your wife's all too familiar hang up. Suffice it to say that we should all be so lucky to have a man find us irresistible despite our concerns about our looks, modifiable or otherwise. I picture her beautiful!

As of course you are. And your mutton chops.

themikestand said... 9:04 AM, July 18, 2008  

srh: I know, I know... I'm a little scared.

halfasstic: It did work, you're right. But is there no room for change?

brianna: Floppy! yes! Wait.. is that not the point of all this? Now I'm confused.

kris: You're too kind. I'll tell my wife that you're pulling for her. But really -- mutton chops? I thought I had them in better control than that. Just last night I gave them a trim, but I'm fearful that the blonde in my 'burns is starting to look like gray.

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