In case you were bummed out by my previous entry, I should note that we had a fantastic weekend of camping, despite some overcast skies and offshore fog. The bugs were down, which fortunately (or unfortunately) meant we could stay up drinking wine and scotch by the fire until AFTER MIDNIGHT (!) while our kids snoozed oversized tents, dreaming of the ungodly hour at which they would wake. We played beach bocce (I'm a quick study, evidently) and I snapped 154 pictures of our kids streaking on a moonlit beach, riding bikes naked, and generally goofing off at every turn. I should probably say here that the kids were the only ones engaging in public displays of nudity. This time.

We got to know some newish friends of ours, The Brits, and their two boys. The Lovely Wife delighted in trying on their accents and their vocabulary. At times, I was asked to pass the "french stick" and the "kitchen roll", and overheard them telling Older Son that he couldn't travel with them in their car because their boot was all busy with stuff. He was predictably confused but did not betray that emotion for even a moment. One of the best conversations involved some laughter around how their friends named their baby boy "Myer", though we were convinced they'd named him "Maya".

The Brits: They named their boy Myer. Isn't that a ridiculous name?

Us: Wait. Maya?

The Brits: No. MYER.

Us: That's a girl's name. Maya.

The Brits: Not MAYA. MYER! M-Y-E-R!

Us: Ohhhh! MYER!

The Brits: [shaking their heads in disgust]

The Lovely Wife was sure to bring up that story in front of other Canadian friends when The Brits dared visit us at home on Canada Day. Hard to believe we share a monarch. Not so hard to believe they cut us all loose 141 years ago.

Also, I may or may not have said that I thought TLW's new vocabulary and accent would make for an interesting evening in the sack that first evening. Then again, going to bed smelling of campfire and sleeping in a tent with two snoring kids isn't exactly fodder for scoring with one's wife. She now calls me "love", which sounds as if it might be spelled "loav". Good times.

It was not, however, a good time to be a pig (or, y'know, Jewish). Among the multitude of breakfast offerings were eggs, pancakes, bacon and bangers (though I think The Brits indulged us and called them sausages) -- I should have probably opted to run home rather than drive, now that I think of it.

Sunday morning brought heavy mist and intermittent rain, which is only good news if you're breaking camp and want to look forward to being dry at some point in the next few hours. Packing a wet tent is rarely fun, but like every other outdoor activity, once you're wet, it doesn't really matter much.

Next camping endeavour? This weekend, only it's for just one night. I'll be solo-dadding it for the first part while The Lovely Wife is playing soccer not far away, but she's packed me some Sleeman tall boys and turkey bacon (wait, is that a hint?!) for breakfast. We'll be checking out Blomidon Provincial Park, and bringing you the review next week. Stay tuned.

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Posted bythemikestand at 9:01 PM  

7 stepped up to the mike: said... 10:25 PM, July 03, 2008  

Wow. I am sooo jealous. When the girls were little we used to do stuff like that all the time. My parents had a lake house and we spent some good times there in the summer. Now? We just stay at home and play nursemaid to the old folk. *sigh*
I am glad you had such a good time and your boys are adorable. They will remember you doing these things with them, and appreciate it, when they grow up. Not that they don't now, but, you know what I mean....

themikestand said... 10:28 PM, July 03, 2008  

I myself don't have memories like this with my parents -- they became trailer-camper types, eventually, but that was after I was out of the house. I used to be the backcountry guy myself, but have mellowed somewhat (understatement!) over the years and knowing that the kids don't really want to be hefting 20 lbs on their backs two miles into the wilderness. At any rate, I think they have a good time when we're out, and even more fun when we go with other families.

I can only hope that they'll enjoy the THOUSANDS of pictures they'll have of themselves. But I doubt they will until they're at least 35. said... 2:11 AM, July 04, 2008  

Yeah. Really. 35 sounds about right. LOL!

Steph said... 9:15 AM, July 04, 2008  

The photos are gorgeous, Mike. Looks like alot of fun. I love TLW's new haircut - Mine used to be short like that and I kind of miss it.

Blomidon is a great spot. Mr. Happy and I are planning a trip to Blomidon this summer. It's been too long since we pulled out the camping equipment.

Anonymous said... 10:32 AM, July 04, 2008  

Brit here. First of all, thanks for organizing a fantastic weekend of camping. Great time had by all. Secondly, I am pleased to report that you guys clearly inherited the British aptitude for drinking copious amounts of booze around the camp fire. However, despite your best efforts to inherit the British lingo over the weekend, I fear that you will need much more training. And that I am willing to provide, as long as you organize more camping (and bring lots of booze)!

Finally, I am somewhat disappointed that you forgot to mention Brit's wife "breaking her finger" with a deck chair......

SRH said... 11:08 AM, July 04, 2008  

My wife is becoming very strong friends with a whole host of internationals. I am learning all sorts of regionalized lingo. It is great stuff.

Jessica said... 12:09 PM, July 09, 2008  

I want to comment on your brother, if I may - as you are probably aware from my blog, my sister had the same illness.


That past-tense word leaves me feeling full of insight (the kind from your "hind") and strong feelings/opinions.

I'm here if you'd like to discuss. jessicaprince at hotmail dot com

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