Holy crap, it's finally finished. Nearly two years and $1,600 in legal fees later, we finally reached a settlement that would see us recoup nearly half of what it cost to fix the problem. Unfortunately that figure plummets to about 1/3 after fees. Might as well get used to the bloated line of credit for the next little while.

Perhaps some day I'll cover the topic of small claims court, reneging on agreements, and lawyers who will do anything in their power to avoid seeing something settled in a timely manner. Let's just say that "the funds will be transferred within the week" roughly translates to "Sometime this year. Maybe." Colour me unimpressed.

Now all you people can stop coming here looking for advice on addressing the water under your subfloor.  I suppose I do have some news for you folks: it's probably not an easy fix, and it's definitely not going to be cheap.

But it can be done. There is hope.

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