Thursday Linkfest

Greetings, reader!

Another short one for ya today. Because I still haven't decided what I’m going to do about links on the sidebar (It was small. It grew. It grew and it grew, and then some jerk tried to climb it and steal my hen that laid golden eggs - What a friggin' mess. Oh, and then it got chopped down.), here are a few daily time-wasters on my bloglines list (which I expect none of you clicks on at the top of this blog, and which I expect none of you feel any sort of "pride" being showcased in my VERY EXCLUSIVE LIST  -- like, who the hell am I? Dooce?)

Anyway, on with the list:

Postsecret - now hit the bigtime with several publications, people confess their darkest secrets and sins via homemade postcards which are actually sent through the very non-secretive mail.

Lolcats / ICANHAZCHEEZBURGER - Yeah, I'm guilty of getting a good laugh every once in a while. Also, I have my own lolcat story to share later this week.

Stuff White People Like - A blog that toes the line between prejudice and self-deprecation-ism. Go see for yourself. - math and programming geek comic (you don't need to be a mathlete to "get" it most days)

Crummy Church Signs - Um, obvious? Critique of silliness perpetrated outside houses of the Lord.

GraphJam: Roundup of user (geek) -submitted graphs detailing the statistics of everyday life.

The "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks - Because it would take way too much bandwidth to document the inappropriate use of the apostrophe, I can only presume.

Photoshop Disasters - Sort of like the worst of somethingawful, or the best of Fark, neither of which I will link to, lest you think me uncouth.

Next time, my photography blog/resource links. In case that's your bag.

Now tell me, reader -- What are YOUR time-wasters and diversions? What lifts your spirits in the doldrums of your day?

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