My interview with Dreamdust's Doow

Okay, so the monthly interview thing didn't quite pan out like I'd hoped. Evidently doing something once a month is just too often for me to be counted on to deliver (shut up).

Nevertheless, the lovely and talented Doow had kindly condescended to be my second interview victim. Doow, if you don't know her already, is a fabulous blogger and photographer from the UK, who tells lovely stories of gardening and travel, and of actual paying jobs related to photography and creative German translations (she may correct me on this latter point). I read Dreamdust because I like pictures and words, and because nine times out of ten, visiting her site teaches me something new in at least one of those two domains. She is also the brains (and the beauty) behind the flickr 7 Days project, which I have found immensely entertaining and a great way to meet new bloggers/photographers.

Go check her out. Tell her I say "hi".

Tell us a little about your little corner of the internet.

Dreamdust is my blog, where I write often far too verbose accounts of what I've been up to and share often far too many photos of those events. The name doesn't mean anything; it's just a word I invented many years ago when I registered the - at that time free - domain. I own too, but unfortunately the even cooler is being squatted on by people who want a tonne of money for it.

The blog's a kind of public diary with the added bonus for me that people can massage my ego in the comments having read it. I try and play with the design from time to time, but the truth is I don't really know what I want to do with it and I'm not sure I'd know how to do it even if I did. Hello, vicious circle.

Do you find being a UK Blogger (if I may pigeon-hole you for just a minute) that you've got a different outlook from "American" bloggers or "Canadian bloggers" or "cat bloggers"?

This one stumped me for a long time, as I'm not really sure what my outlook is, let alone compared to other bloggers. My blogging reflects what I get up to and I don't have much of a main theme to speak of. I'm not a pet-owner, child-tamer, miracle job-doer, full-time crafter or eternal traveller. I dip into what interests me and then invariably wander off again, before returning a bit later to dabble again. But I think I'd do that if I'd been born an American, Canadian, Austrian or Swede, too.

How has your writing, your style, and / or your blog evolved since its inception?

I read a lot of blogs written by people across the pond and have absorbed quite a lot of American slang in the past couple of years. Meaning I'm happy to beat yo ass should the need arise. On the whole I write the way I talk and it's always just been me on the page. I can't really be anyone else.

What keeps you blogging? Tell us what you get the greatest satisfaction from, and what motivates you most.

I've always liked to have a record of my history, though I'm not a natural diarist. I'm happy to hoard theatre tickets, letters and photos to relive moments past and rereading old emails keeps me up for hours past my bedtime. I keep writing because I enjoy putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard and because my blog enables me to record moments of my life, with the added bonus that I can entertain others insodoing, who are then often kind enough to pay me a compliment, or simply show that they care.

Who, if anyone, do you consider your mentors? (In my world, they don't even have to know they're mentoring you.)

I'm not convinced I have one, partly because I'd hate anyone to think I was doing what they were telling me to do. However, my brother John is someone I feel I can 100% trust for honest advice. He wouldn't tell me I looked ok if I didn't.

Possibly related to the previous question: Name 3 bloggers you'd like to meet.

There are too many ladies on the other side of the Atlantic I'd like to meet to choose just three. However a 3 day fiesta with Bonnie, Elaine, Rayne, Paige, Bethany and, hell, everyone else in my blogroll would be a lot of fun.

And along those same lines: Which bloggers, if any, do you regularly see?

I've not met any bloggers yet and have been unable to persuade Lauren or Suzy to become bloggers, though they both have great turns of phrase and I'd quite like to share this world with them. The nearest I've come to a blogger meeting is walking around Borough Market on two occasions, staring like a bug-eyed fool at every woman in case she turned out to be Antonia. Who apparently in my head lives at the market.

Fill in the blanks: Sometimes I________. But it's okay, because _______.

Sometimes I leave my computer for a while. But it's okay, because it's usually just to use my laptop.

Imagine this situation: You're at a party or gathering with people your age, but you don't know many of them. You strike up a conversation with someone. What are the chances that you'll mention your blog?

Fairly low; I'm more likely to end up talking about the site I run about Hubert von Goisern, as that is connected to my work, musical interests, travel, language, friendship, adventure...

What do you see as the major hope for the future of blogging?

That it remains a place where people can say and do whatever they want. It's where people can write for a tiny audience just for the love of writing, it's where people can make an income writing product reviews. It's where people can write anonymously, or share every detail of their lives. The future of blogging is that it can be anything an individual wishes to make it.

Conversely, what could signal the beginning of its demise?

Global warming. Google's offices are near the coast, so once they're flooded, we're all kinda screwed.

What do you have in store for your readers in the coming year?

Probably more photos of my compost. I know people are looking forward to those.

Give us a picture of yourself?

Brianna's rather set the tone for this. So here, have a photo that showcases my magnificent rack:

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bethany actually said... 12:52 AM, April 14, 2008  

Great interview! And wow, am I flattered to have been mentioned in her list of other-side-of-the-Atlantic bloggers she'd like to meet. Just so you know, doow, the feeling's mutual. :-)

Can I volunteer for a future interview? Sarah and Brianna made it look so fun.

Sizzle said... 12:32 PM, April 14, 2008  

You're good at the interviewing. I wasn't bored for a second. ;)

ZebraBelly: said... 12:27 AM, April 15, 2008  

No kidding! I feel so starstruck - DOOW wants to party with ME? Does she have ANY idea how LAME I am at parties? Can I USE any more capitals??

It was a great interview, thanks to both of you!

Thursday said... 4:32 AM, April 15, 2008  

Splendid interviewer - equally splendid interviewee.

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