Glenora iced by the SWA

Seems the Glenora distillery (which I have discussed often) has lost the second battle with the Scotch Whisky Association, which, if you haven't read my blatherings before, has a problem with Glenora's Single Malt Canadian Whisky, and not just because it's whisky -- but because it's called Glen Breton.
Y'see, the SWA thinks the "Glen" part is misleading to drinkers of scotch, and while the distillery (who calls its flagship expression Glen Breton because it's in Cape Breton, in Glenville, next to Glenora Falls, and I think I can stop hitting you over the head with this now, yes?) had won the earlier trademark case allowing them to continue to use the "Glen" in their name, it looks like the road to Glenville is going to get a little tougher.
So now the question is: Will it become harder to get a bottle of Glen Breton Rare (or, possibly even more expensive?), or will it just be really easy to get one of those trademark-violating boxes? I guess we'll find out after it goes to appeal, though I'm not sure how many more chances this Glen's got.
And no, I still haven't tried it. But I've read reviews which make me question going out of my way to do so.
Click for the story from the CBC.

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