Everyone's a Winner

Well, not really. It was just me that was a winner, and twice in the last month or so.
First, the story of how I acquired a Macallan Scotch Whisky hat from The Scotch Blog, and how I subsequently sent it off to my Uncle in Law because he probably needs a great Scotch hat more than I do, even though it was supercool. Here's the email I sent him after I posted him the hat:
The story is this:
I regularly check in on a website called The Scotch Blog (http://www.thescotchblog.com) -- it gives me reviews on fine scotches and some updates on what's going on in the industry: who's buying out whom, who's releasing special blends I will never afford, and so on. The author of the website, Kevin Erskine, also wrote this book: The Instant Expert's Guide to Single Malt Scotch.
One day he announced that he had received some Macallan themed paraphernalia (hats!) and was awarding them to anyone who could tell a good story about scotch. I offered up two stories, one of which featured you, which were posted to my blog. Here's the entry from The Scotch Blog - http://www.thescotchblog.com/2008/02/macallan-hat-da.html
And here's my comment/entry, for which he claimed he just could not resist awarding me a hat: http://www.thescotchblog.com/2008/02/macallan-hat-da.html#comment-100178638 .
So there you go! I thought you might wear it with pride, and as you already know, I'm a sucker for a good story, so this makes a good story even better.
Some of you may have read those scotch reviews when they came out, and from the looks of my sitemeter statistics, most of the people that find this blog do so with scotch keywords -- perhaps it's time for another Scotch Watch, then?
The second story (which I referenced yesterday) has everything to do with lolcats. Put briefly, I entered a contest to lol-caption a picture of OMSH's cat. She was offering a prize of an iTunes gift card, which I couldn't pass up the chance to vie for. Honestly, she could have said there was no prize at all and I would have put a caption on her photo. You can see the photo and the other captions here, and my winning caption here.
After a nontrivial amount of back and forth, I finally stopped thwarting my own reward-effort (I wasn't sure how Apple USA would deal with me getting a gift card and using it in Canada -- so OMSH, being the outside-the-box thinker that she is, tried to buy one on the Canadian site for me, but that of course wouldn't work. Still outside the box, she found another creative way to feed my fix, and now I'm busily weighing my iTunes options... do I go independent newcomer, or do I choose the new REM album? Decisions, decisions... either way, I'll be rocking out come the weekend.
You should all go check out OhMyStinkinHeck. Especially if you have a wordpress-powered site. She's some kind of design genius, you know.
Might as well not buy a 6-49 lottery ticket this week, eh? I imagine I'm all out of luck (not out of love, though -- so you can stop humming The Best of Air Supply!).


As Jenny of runjenrun has reminded me, I actually won one other time in the last month. Y'see, she was reminded of an album from her youth, but couldn't quite remember the details, only a couple of the songs on the k-tel style compilation. Well, google searcher extraordinaire that I am, I not only figured out what the album was, but sent her a link to the artwork and full songlist. For my efforts, I received a lifetime supply of Sea Monkeys, which I donated to underprivileged children. You can read all about it here.

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bethany actually said... 1:38 PM, April 04, 2008  

Congrats! How funny, I actually commented on that post that your caption was the funniest, but I didn't realize that plain ol' "mike" was you! :-)

jenny said... 2:13 PM, April 04, 2008  

Congratulations! I feel like a winner just for (virtually) knowing you. Let's not forget that you also won SeaMonkeys (tm) which you generously donated to underprivileged children.

Speaking of scotch, have you had Glenrothes? Just bought a bottle last month and a) coolest bottle ever and b) YUM! and c) almost gone.

SRH said... 10:45 PM, April 04, 2008  

well won. Well won indeed

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