Photo 101: Portraiture

I forget where I am in the whole Photo 101 discussion. We did a class on exposure, combining the elements of shutters speed and aperture, exposure composition to get the most out of your histogram (more on that later, maybe), and techniques to use on the fly with your camera.

Unfortunately, I had to miss the class on portraiture, but I got the notes and the assignment, and given the models I had around the house, I wound up with "informal" portraits. See below:

Photo 101: Portraiture - 1 of 4

Photo 101: Portraiture - 2 of 4

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richgold said... 11:07 PM, March 05, 2008  

I like.

You've inspired me to go out and find a local photography course. I'll be taking mine in April.

(my photo site is at

themikestand said... 7:59 AM, March 07, 2008  

richgold: I look forward to seeing the fruits of your course. I already like the shots you take, though. That should be noted.

Will you be taking part in 7Days? Consider this your formal invitation!

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