Love me two times?

Though I do not advocate the following type of "efficient gift giving" on the grounds of looking thoughtful while actually doing not much at all, I feel I should tell you about the fortuitous nature of two gifts I bestowed over the last year which came to fruition this past February, the Month of Love and / or Romantic Moral Suasion.

Item One:
For Christmas, The Lovely Wife received a pair of tickets to the Atlantic Ballet Company's production of Phantom of the Opera (which would later result in the following critical review from yours truly: "There sure was a lot of dancing".) It just so happened that the night of the production was February 14th. Now, I probably could have sweetened the deal and taken her out to dinner when the date came around, but we were somewhat broke and our free babysitting service (We love you Grammie and Papa! We gave you handsome grandsons!) was in Florida for two months, so that gift did double duty quite nicely. Also, I had just rolled back into town from three nights away for work, so it was a grand outing,and I only had to wake her up twice during the first act.

Which leads me to…

Item Two:
On The Lovely Wife's birthday last year (when she went from being two years younger than me to only one year younger), I gave her a gift certificate to the local Snooty McFrouFrou Spa. Upon my return from work-related travel, I knew I was going to have to do something (beyond the fulfillment of Item One) to award The Lovely Wife for successfully surviving a mostly single-parent week with the Sons Mikestand*. I suggested she book herself into the spa as a reward, and receive that hard earned pedi and massage. She dutifully did just that and is all the happier for it, and I avoided any date I may or may not have had with the doghouse.

Et voilĂ ! Instant stardom.

Now, The Lovely Wife is no dummy -- she's caught on to my wile, but even she can't deny the pure genius of giving gifts that give, and then give again. So there you go.

* How do we feel about that moniker, internets? Kind of reminds me of the Brothers McMullen or the Black Donnellys… only with fewer foreign accents, and no death and dismemberment.

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richgold said... 11:05 PM, March 05, 2008  

Ok. You're good. I think I've got to send The Huz over to have a look on how to do it.

For our fifth wedding anniversary, which happens to be the day before my birthday, he did the research and determined that wood would be appropriate for the occasion.

He got me a box of matches.

Yes. A box of matches. Five years and a box of matches.

How'd he follow that up for my birthday? A jar of stuff olives.

Yes. Olives.

(What'd I get him for the anniversary? A appendage-free afternoon tasting olive oils, talking about cooking, and consuming copious amounts of snacks. All things he loves.

Karen said... 9:44 AM, March 06, 2008  

You cannot go wrong with a lovely poem penned by you. Not only does it cost nothing but it can render a woman speechless on several levels, depending on how good/wretchedly awful it is. Either way, you're golden.

Artful Kisser said... 2:23 AM, March 10, 2008  

You're a star. Have been hinting for years for a snooty mcfroufrou spa voucher but alas, it falls on deaf ears. Every. Single. Year. Well done.

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