Correction: Earth Hour 2008 (and My Shriveling, Unreliable Brain)

You know it's been a crazy month when you write an entire post about Earth Hour, link to it, and even include the little icon that tells you that it's on March 29th, but you still tell all (both?) your blog readers that it's on March 22nd. Funny, huh? Maybe I was just so worried that I wouldn't get the word out in time that I jumped the gun on the week. Now we know, right?

So there. If you do join me THIS WEEKEND COMING UP, YES THE ONE THAT INCLUDES MARCH 29TH in shutting off your lights for an hour between 8 and 9 pm*, that would be swell. And if you did it last weekend and you're planning to do it again, then you've just been extra good to the environment. You may now picture me patting you on the back in a congratulatory fashion. 

And if you want to contribute to the "buy Mike a blackberry or other device which could remind him what day it is and when he should be remembering to do things" fund, email me for my paypal address.

* Unless you're in Israel, apparently, where it's happening tonight, on account of the Sabbath. Or something.

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Karen said... 9:35 PM, March 27, 2008  

And here I had completely gotten over the inner shame of missing it while shrugging it off at the same time (I could totally turn off my TV any time, but NOT THE INTERNETS NO NO NO!), and now I have another chance at all that and the self-recrimination for thinking I am above a lousy hour without electricity.

Um, thanks.

So, it's a date.

richgold said... 11:49 PM, March 29, 2008  

Hey Mike - I made a point of turning off extra lights tonight and thought about your efforts. So there. You made a difference.

What I was also thinking about was that it really is too bad people aren't drawing attention to the electricity vampires that we all have but really don't think about (radios, clocks, vcrs, tools on stand-by).

themikestand said... 8:36 AM, March 30, 2008  

karen: how did our date go? I held up my end.

richgold: I'm happy we all made a difference. The local news tells me that Nova Scotia saved 8 megawatts of energy in one hour. Crazy, when you think of it. That savings is roughly equivalent to the generating capacity of four new wind turbines which are the go-to solution, along with tidal, to evading our dependence on coal in this province.

I'll do a little news poll to see how the provinces and cities stacked up.

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