It's Friday, February 29th. Do you realise what day it is?

Okay, so that was a trick question. Of course you know that it's National Beaver Day. It's also a Leap Year, which makes NBD that much more exciting. Not sure how to celebrate National Beaver Day? Me, either, since I only found out about it this morning. But ever the helpful one, I've come up with a few possibilities:

1. Build something in public (a snowman, a house of cards, a mystery). Holler "DAMN" - phonetically it's the same - every now and then.  Don't offer an explanation.

2. Whenever you hear an ambulance, fire engine, or police siren, look extremely alert and start slapping something audibly with your tail. Or your hand. Whatever.

3. Collect twigs on your break. Bring them back to your cubicle and assemble them in a large pile on your desk. Sometime during the afternoon take up residence under the large stack. Sleep if the mood strikes you.

4. Refer to your peeps (or random strangers on the elevator) as "Bucky", much like you might call them "dude", "pal", or if you're from Newfoundland, "buddy".

5. Start a petition to change the official motto of the Beavers of Canada from "Sharing, Sharing, Sharing" to "Eat a beaver. Save a tree." *

There you go, folks. Make something special of today. Leap Days happen every four years. How predictable and ordinary is that?  The odds of a Leap Day coinciding with National Beaver Day are, according to the Bureau of Totally Made Up Statistics, approximately 1 in 7,400,693. And time's a-wasting.

What? Not enough Beaver talk for you? Fine.

And if you're in Southern BC, you could always make the drive to the Golden Beaver Winery and cozy up with a few bottles to fight off the chills of winter. 

* While disturbingly funny, a friend of mine tells this story of how his mom busted his dad while teaching him this "motto" in preparation for his first night at Beavers. That story has single-handedly fueled my desire to royally mess with my kids' heads.

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Megan said... 1:50 PM, February 29, 2008  

Very funny. I especially like the first one. :)

Brianna said... 2:56 PM, February 29, 2008  

how you wrote and entire post about beavers without verging into porn territory I will never know.

Candy said... 3:44 PM, February 29, 2008  

We could watch endless re-runs of my favorite Nickelodeon cartoon, "The Angry Beavers."

bethany actually said... 5:10 PM, February 29, 2008  

Number 3 made me giggle.

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