Toot! Toot!

Is it just me, or was your childhood also a long series of arm signals to get every train and 18-wheeler to honk at your whim?

Regardless, this commercial inspires more nostalgia in me than any other commercial in recent memory.

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Brianna said... 8:11 AM, January 04, 2008  

yeah it was pretty much this, wishing on hay trucks and mouthing the words "olive juice" to strangers.

Steph said... 8:41 AM, January 04, 2008  

I had completely forgotten all the time we used to spend playing in the woods behind my house, in view of the highway, waving madly to truckers who "toot toooooooted" for us.

meegiemoo said... 9:52 PM, January 05, 2008  

It's a Bombardier...that's my train!

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