The Story of My First Brush With Fame, in which I am famously non-famous.

"Are you Mike?" she says..

I looked up at this woman I had never set eyes on.

We'd arrived at the waterfront playground with the nautical theme  (aka "The Pirate Ship" to anyone under the age of 4) about twenty minutes earlier, and to our surprise, it was only our four-person family out in the mid morning Sunday sunshine (Okay, cloud-shine, whatever). We were soon joined by another woman and her blond son of about 5 years, but I hadn't really noticed either of them at this point.

"Uh, yes!", I said, trying to instantly think of where I might have seen this woman. You see, between daycare, soccer, playgroup, and a host of other child-related events, I can hardly keep up with all the parents* in my children's lives. This woman did not look instantly familiar, but I only had a second to think before she said,

Alison, Steph's friend. I read your blog."

Dumbstruck, and oddly self-starstruck with my apparent fame, I edged out a small laugh and extended my hand. The Lovely Wife, overhearing this, says, "Steph? The toque knitter?", and it all fell into place. Idle chit-chat was made, and Alison's friend and kids joined the fray and took everyone's attention away from commingling, although I'm not sure where I'd have taken the conversation after being shocked over my recognition in this manner.

Twenty minutes later, I approached Alison and tried to strike up some further conversation, admitting that this was the first time I'd been "recognized", only to have her level with me: She actually recognized the kids first, and then TLW, and after not coming up with the connection on her end, saw me and put it all together. She also admitted she's also never broken through the blog/reality boundary like this.

Perhaps my real road to blog stardom is posting more pictures of the rest of my family. One day maybe someone will also say, "Wow, I love your stuff." [Sigh]

* Yesterday, while taking Older Son to the open skate at the local rink, I saw a dad I recognized but couldn't place. He was with a son, so I quizzed my kid on whether or not he knew that "daddy", to no avail. Later in the day, I concluded that Older Son and I had no real connection to this man or his kid; the man is a commuter on the bus I often take home from work. No wonder he didn't seem all that friendly when I nodded and smiled through the Plexiglas.

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Candy said... 12:44 PM, January 07, 2008  

Wow. I think that would have freaked out my shit a little. Good thing you're so open and all.

Brianna said... 1:29 PM, January 07, 2008  

I expect this never to happen in NYC.

bethany actually said... 2:13 PM, January 07, 2008  

Awesome. You're famous!

Alison said... 9:38 PM, January 07, 2008  

Okay, I swear I commented already on this, but it seems to have vanished...

It's funny, but despite comments from total strangers on my blog, I still believe that it only gets read by people I know.

I'll be sure to let Steph know that you had the toque with you!

fififolle said... 9:14 AM, January 08, 2008  

Thought I'd comment so you wouldn't spend hours at sitemeter worrying about all the new visitors ;) Just a friend of alison's, reading your highly amusing account of the brush with fame :D

Steph said... 1:17 PM, January 08, 2008  

Were you wearing the hat? 'cause if you were, then it's really my knitting that is famous.

Just sayin'.

doow said... 5:55 PM, January 08, 2008  

Next time you see that guy on the bus, you should hold up a piece of Plexiglas in front of you and nod and smile. That'll give him something to think about for the rest of the day.

SRH said... 1:22 AM, January 09, 2008  

I have never been recognized from my blog... oh wait, I think I have only put a picture of me on it once and I never go out in public. I am like Howard Hughes, except I am not rich, I live in Columbus, Ohio, and he's dead.

Way to celeb it up.

Perpetual Chocoholic said... 4:11 PM, January 23, 2008  

Glad I know what you look like, now I can look out for you too! Wait until you get hit for an autograph;-)

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