Photo 101: Week 2 Pictures

This week I decided to print all my pictures on 8x12 sheets, which made me seem either completely accomplished, or painfully egotistical. I'm hoping it's not the latter. Regardless, they looked pretty good printed large, so I'm considering doing it again next week (as long as the prints are on sale where I got them printed).

So here they are!

I recommend viewing as large as your screen will allow.

Photo 101: Week 2 - Orange Mug Latte

(Yes, I know it's a little off-centre. I had no tripod, and a very thirsty and impatient wife.)

Photo 101: Week 2 - Two boys

It's a little orange, but hopefully the "white balance" lesson will fix this!

Photo 101: Week 2 - Rainy Window

A view from my office window at day's end. I'm always complaining about how dirty the windows are when I want nice clear pictures of the harbour. Somehow this makes it all worthwhile.

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SRH said... 12:25 AM, January 23, 2008  

Nice Nice and Nice.

I color "corrected" in Photoshop the one of the boys and really the soft orange is a better composition (in my opinion). Some people might actually have filtered the image to get that feel.

All three of these are killer.

(I might still do a full digital clean up on it and send it to you. Photo manip is where I am a Viking)

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