Photo 101: Week 1 Pictures

We're into the second week of Photo 101 class, and I'm finding it immensely informative and already a little challenging. I wasn't sure what to expect of everyone's pictures (we were to print 24 and select three to show), and rightfully so -- some of the shots people took were fabulous. The critique portion of the class lasted over an hour for 10 students, and the instructor gave some great constructive criticism to set us up for the eventual "composition" class.

As indicated below, the rules for Week 1 were "full auto or preprogrammed settings, with no flash". That limited things a little, but not so much that you couldn't take low light pictures if you wanted to (hint: the sports setting doesn't activate the flash). Other than that, the sky and one's imagination were the only limits.

Here are the three pictures I selected to share with the group. Feel free to click to get to full sized shots.

Photo 101: Week 1 - Church side with shadows
Restrictions: Full auto or preprogrammed settings. No flash.

Here's a shot of a church where I park for work. I was drawn more to the branches than anything, and not quite sure why I chose this picture over the others I took that day.

Photo 101: Week 1 - Tall, tall tree in the fog.
Restrictions: Full auto or preprogrammed settings. No flash.

I liked the foggy backdrop and the spindly branches. I opted to include the pedestrian for scale purposes, but I suppose this would look better without him/her.

Photo 101: Week 1 - Oceanfront Property
Restrictions: Full auto or preprogrammed settings. No flash.

I liked the change in texture for this shot. More fog, hiding the seaside mansions (okay, large expensive houses). Critiques yielded that I included too much of the rocks. I wouldn't argue with that.

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Lesley said... 7:30 PM, January 16, 2008  

I'm drawn to the shadows of the tree branches.
I think that one is my fave of the three.

richgold said... 1:37 PM, January 17, 2008  

I like the church too. Nice angles that contradict one another.

What camera do you use? I've got a Canon Rebel XTi and find that the sports mode does set off flash if the camera picks up on low light levels. I usually have to use the Flash Off mode to get what I want.

And hey, what's that with no snow? We've got oodles here! ;-)

Corgimom said... 12:42 AM, January 18, 2008  

For photo one: and just for me, please go back and take a photo with only one of the windows laced with shadows.
For photo two: don't be afraid to close in on the trees and exclude the pedestrian and the power pole.
For photo three: I so agree with the class critique! There are at least three photos in that one, to my incredibly arrogant and amateur eye...close on the rocks; a bit of rock with the evergreen leading to the bare trees, or just the bare trees.
Thanks for posting these so I have something to do in between the kiddo's coughing bouts---oh! and because they are beautiful! Really!

Candy said... 11:14 AM, January 18, 2008  

Ooh I really like the church. That's the kind of picture I wouldn't think to take.

I hope you post them every week. It will be interesting to see how you progress. Or not ;)

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