Pa-rum Pum Pum Pum

It's the last Friday before Christmas, and you know what that means, right? Well, if your office is anything like my office, you've already had your office party and everyone's brain has checked out for the holidays. Most aren't coming to work on Monday the 24th, except for those people (hi!) who don’t want to use a vacation day for what will likely be about 3 hours of work. In the past week, box after glorious box of chocolates* have graced the counter at reception, and random people have been strolling the cube farm with truffles and other goodies they either can't eat any more of at their houses, or perhaps they're just genuinely generous people.

[*Can I just vent a little about boxes of chocolates? I'm always up for rummaging through a Pot of Gold, but for Pete's sake, if you're going to put a map in the box, don't make the layout look the same upside down, like some cruel game of chocolate roulette. Sure, you may get that chocolate cheesecake chocolate, or you may get the identical chocolate filled with coconut. Ew. There. All finished.]

Last night, the office party was held at the bar next door (not its actual name), where my little section was well represented and well lubricated (I think this might say something about the working conditions around here, but I'll need a therapist to confirm that). I think I adhered to many of the suggested "office party rules" (except for the "don't drink" rule, which, seriously?), and probably didn't say anything to the Guy at the Top that would jeopardize my job. I'm all about minimizing the work/blog overlap. I did, however, mention this here blog to a coworker whose last day is today. It came up in the context of music and scotch, and before I knew it I had uttered the "b" word and let it languish on the table for someone to ask. After blurting it out, I sort of let it die, for fear I'd either be asked to send out the URL, or over promise the entertainment. 

Having your office party on a Thursday, so close to Christmas, means only one thing: Nobody will believe that Friday is a workday. Today, most everyone is in chipper spirits despite all the spirits consumed, and those who aren't cleaning their offices or feigning work are planning something for Monday the Half-Day. I, personally was asked to bring in "a little something" for those of us who will be in the office on Monday, and mistakenly I asked what everyone drinks. Turns out they meant cheese and crackers. Whatever. I'm nothing if not flexible.

This holiday season (why do I always feel like I'm placating someone by calling it that?) I've been particularly into the festive music, and I even dug up a pair of speakers from within the office and plugged in the iPod to fill our corner of cubeville with the soothing sounds of Bing, Diana Krall, and a few other favourites (including a surprisingly good Ave Maria by Chris Cornell). I did, however, skip past Joy to the World, a song that I can no longer handle more than once a season after having sung it every week of the 3-month lead up to Christmas when I used to go to church in my high school days. Nice song, but believe me, it can be killed.

The next week for me will be a mixture of festivities, work, and the winter edition of 7Days, which starts tomorrow. If you haven't checked out the photos from the 7Days group, you should stay tuned in over the holidays. There are some wonderfully inventive and talented folks taking self portraits in this group, including the lovely and extremely talented Doow. I'll certainly try to post, though I'm not sure anyone is doing any holiday reading, either (Hello? Anyone? Have I lost it completely?).

If I don't see you, have a safe holiday. If I do see you, pass the mashed potatoes and the gravy.

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doow said... 2:09 PM, December 21, 2007  

Working on my own from home means that I don't really get an office party. Maybe I should just get drunk alone ... and take pictures of myself for teh internetz.

Corgimom said... 9:17 PM, December 21, 2007  

Happiness, light and joy to you and yours!

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