Christmas, and the anniversary of the birthing of Younger Son, have both passed, and we made it out unscathed and with some pretty awesome presents. Yours truly is back to work, returning early to a largely uninhabited office. I'm in full-on vacation-saving mode, hoping that divine providence or Pat Sajak will proffer a pair of tickets to somewhere warm and possibly not snowing at some point this year. We're not holding our breath for this, but you just never know, and I'd hate to not be able to take off to exotic locales and not have the vacation time.

Given my lackadaisical posting of late, this would be an opportune time for reflection and list making (everyone's doing it; I should compile a list of them!*). This should be the wrap-up post wherein I talk about all the great, weird, funny, and possibly disappointing things that happened throughout the year. I'm not sure I have the energy to slog through my archives, so it's probably not going to happen before the clock runs out on 2007.

Alternatively, however, I could put forth a list of resolutions or general wishes for this blog in the new year. Here are the first five that came to mind:

1. Post more, and better, pictures. To this end, The Lovely Wife is sending me on a ten week photography course (25 hrs) from January through March. I'm guessing some of the assignments will be very challenging, but at least I can hope to come out of it with a better understanding of whether I should muck with the aperture or the shutter speed, and whether I should be fiddling with those kinds of things at all.

2. Legitimize. I've been holding out on dot-comming (or dot-ca-ing, as the case may be) for a while now, for no good reason. I talk about it enough, but maybe I’m afraid of commitment (or I can't afford the $10 a year to keep the domain name.) My biggest hold-up is that if I follow through with it, I'd like to do it in conjunction with a host switch, which is also likely to cost me some money. So far, I'm skating by knowing that this is a little meaningless (okay, not entirely) hobby that I'm neither investing too much time or money into, and if I choose to go whole-hog, I'll raise everyone's expectations, including mine.

3. Take part in more challenges. The pic-stalking challenge has been a particular high point of my blog-year, and just recently, Brianna brought up the idea of recipe challenges, in which one blogger chooses (and makes) a dish, and the other recreates it. Shut up, I think it's awesome. NaBloPoMo was pretty good, so I'll probably do that again. And I had an idea for a guest-blogger ring, but never put it into action. It's still on my memo pad, and if you're interested in meeting new people and getting your name out into some new circles, let me know.

4. Give credit where credit's due. So many bloggers I know and read make reference to the greatness they see in the blogs they read. It's time to take a step past the blogroll (which I've pared down, only because I was finding it long and unruly) and start participating in the conversation when the topic warrants it.

5. Give a little local flavour. Much like how doow exhibits the places she visits and how Stacy captures the light and dark of life so well through their fabulous photography, I want to showcase my little corner of the world. This ties in with my wish #1, but I think it deserves emphasis. Maybe it'll get me out more. And who knows, maybe the internet will find it amusing.

[6. (unofficial) More audience participation. What are YOU doing with your blog in the coming year?]

* Feel free to do this, but be warned: If it turns out well for you, I will claim complete ownership of the idea.

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doow said... 1:11 PM, December 29, 2007  

I want to put more videos up, especially as my host (hostingmatters.com - sooo cheap) has increased the disk space in my account. Trouble is, I'm not sure what I want to put in these videos. This kinda slows me down in the video department.

cronznet said... 10:46 AM, December 30, 2007  

I'm trying to decide whether to continue blogging. If I do I'll probably follow the dot.com route for the learning experience and flexibility.
As a plug for my own area of the world (northern New Mexico), there are several great week-long photography classes offered here each year. Just a thought for a 2010 vacation.

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