A run run run run runaway.

Older Son and I had a bit of a falling out yesterday, and I knew immediately this was a story I had to share. Though I can't recall just what it was I did, or didn't do, that inflamed him so, he clearly took it to heart, stuck out his bottom lip, folded his arms across his chest, and said the following:

"I'm mad at you, daddy. I'm running away."

And then he did.

Of course, being a three year old who has learned "running away" only in the most limited sense of the phrase, he took off down the hall and stood fast in the living room. True, he'd run away from me, and clearly he considered his threat-and-follow-through something of a victory. Truth is, I think his only exposure to the phrase came from the Little Critter "I Was So Mad" book, in which Little Critter gets mad at everyone in his house and threatens to run away, never making good on the threat because some friends drop by and ask him to go play baseball and that seems like a better deal.

I decided to just let Older Son's antics slide, even though I do get some enjoyment out of quizzing him on his grasp of idiomatic English. I figure he'll learn the real meaning of the phrase soon enough, and it'll be anything but fun for his parents.

Until then, he can take the abbreviated runaway route for a little while longer, and I'll do my best not to raise his ire.

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Brianna said... 6:50 PM, November 18, 2007  

I used to read the "I Was So Mad" books to my cousin Mallory (who is now 19) and she would giggle uncontrollably every time I read the title phrase... she never ran away from me :).

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